Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Charleston Home is ready for Visitors:

The moment you have all been waiting for... A glimpse into our new home!

We are so excited for the next few days, as some of our family and friends will be arriving to celebrate our sweet little Charli turning ONE! My parents and brother-in-law will be the first to arrive, this evening, and everyone else gets in on Friday! We are going to have 11 people under one roof... Good thing we have the space ;) We can't wait for everyone to get here so we can get the party started! ;)

Charli's birthday gave us great motivation to make sure our home was complete so quickly, because we knew some family and friends were going to make the trip up for her party! So here are a few pictures of our new home... Enjoy!

Office downstairs

Dining room

A few shots of the living room

Breakfast Nook

Downstairs Guest Bedroom Suite

Master Bedroom (still need headboard). I also didn't take a picture of our Master Bath, but it is huge, and I am in love with it! (A girls dream!) ;)

A few shots of Charli's nursery... If you can remember what her nursery looked like in Monterey, we were able to set up her room almost exactly the same! 

Charli's very own bathroom!

Upstairs Guest Bedroom
Family Room upstairs/Charli's play room/4th bathroom

Let the First Birthday Festivities begin!!!! 

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