Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weaning my Baby:

It has officially begun... 

I have been so blessed to be able to breastfeed Charli, with no issues, complications, engorgement, nothing... It has honestly been something that has come so easy to us and so natural, and I thank God everyday that I was fit for this role! 

Before Charli arrived I kept a very open mind about breastfeeding... I was hopeful, but yet nervous... 'I would love to be able to breastfeed', 'But would I even be able to breastfeed with my condition and all my medications I am on?', 'What if she doesn't latch?', 'What if my milk doesn't come in?', 'What if it's just not meant to work out for us?'... So many things ran through my head before Charli arrived. My main concern of not being able to breastfeed due to my medication was scratched off the list by my Doctors (Praise the Lord). But I always told myself, I will breastfeed for as long as I can (up until a year) if I am able to and if it works out... And so here we are...

My goal was to have Charli weaned by 12 months, but with a move across country, a 6 week vacation in Florida, a move up to Charleston, a trip up to Virginia, and finally being able to settle into our new home, I knew weaning her and trying to transition her during this time was not the best decision. So Steven and I were on board with waiting and being OK with her still nursing after she was a year. 

The anticipation of this has been driving me crazy... Weaning her would mean she is no longer a baby anymore, she is growing up, she doesn't "need" me... Many tears have fallen just thinking about this, and not only is it going to be difficult for Charli, but I think it is going to be more difficult for myself...

So as of yesterday,  the official weaning processes began... I have taken away nursing before her 2 naps, and am only nursing first thing in the morning and before bed. I have introduced Organic Whole Milk and have been warming it up for her before naps. She took it right away, no fuss, no problems and went right to sleep... (man that was easy...), until her next nap... She wanted nothing to do with it, cried, pulled at my shirt, cried louder, still wanting nothing to do with the milk... I stood strong though and didn't give in, and she ended up just falling right to sleep with me singing and rocking her. 

On to Day 2... she wanted nothing to do with the milk this morning before nap, but slowly gave in, and drank the entire bottle and is fast to sleep as we speak! 

I know this is going to be hard at times, and we are going to take it one step at a time! My goal now is to have her weaned in the next couple of months! Wish us luck! ;)

(And a little sneak peek from Charli's 1 year photo shoot!! More on that tomorrow!) ;)

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