Friday, July 19, 2013

Charli Adele: 1 Year Update:

I cannot believe I am already writing this post... I am having a lot of mixed emotions about this, and it is definitely bittersweet to say the least... My baby is 1 today... She is growing up...

Happy Birthday to our sweet Charli Adele!

Charli is the light of our life, and brings so much joy to our entire family! One of the best things for us, is to not only see HOW much our parents love her, but our grandparents, Cousins, and of course her Aunts and Uncles! Charli truly lights up the room, and puts a smile on every single stranger's face that meets her! 

This past month has been crazy with how much she has learned, all of the new things she does... We have a toddler ya'll... How did this happen?! 

Charli's Stats:
*25 LBS and 31 1/2 INCHES (we have not been able to schedule her 1 year appt yet... Still waiting on Tricare... Hopefully very soon)
*Clothes: She is still wearing 9 month onesies and some 12 month onesies, but is in majority 12 month and even 18 month clothes
*Diapers: Still size 3 (Pampers Swaddlers)
*Teeth: She still has 8 (4 top, 4 bottom), but her one year molers are already starting to work their way out... I can feel her top right one starting to poke through. She also loves to brush her teeth now all by herself!! 
*Sleep: Charli is seriously the best little sleeper! Now that she is getting older, we have pushed her bedtime back to about 7:30ish sometimes even 8, but she sleeps until 7:30 AM (not waking up at all), she is still taking 2 naps a day, but we have tried to do 1 nap a day a few times, and she does great... So I think we will probably start to transition her to 1 nap a day in the next couple of months
*Food: This child loves to eat!! (Not that you can tell or anything... I know, she is so skinny!) ;) These days she literally eats whatever we are eating... anything and everything... Some of her favorites though, are: Cheese, grapes, watermelon, avocados, veggie sticks, spaghetti, and chicken
*We have also introduced Organic Whole Milk, and she loves it so far. She takes two 4-6OZ bottles a day now (before naps)
*Baths: This is her favorite part of the day!! She loves bathtime, and occasionally throws a fit when it is time to get out... haha! Not all the time, but she has done it a couple of times
*Officially started weaning her, so am only nursing morning and night now...
*Some new things Charli has learned: she can show you where her nose is, and where her hair is, she knows what a Duck says, she can walk (and is officially walking ALL over the place as of yesterday!!! She can even get up to standing all by herself from sitting!)
*She is the biggest love! She loves giving kisses and hugs, and my favorite thing is when she lays down on my shoulder and wraps her arms as tight as she can around my neck... (melts my heart)
*But don't get me wrong... She has her Mommy's temper and attitude...
*The past few weeks it has really shown too... We can no longer change her diaper without a huge meltdown... She tries to throw herself back, so I have to come prepared at every diaper changing or clothes changing... As long as she has something to keep her occupied she is good to go
*She is still a huge talker and says so many words (and so many "not so words" but she thinks she is having a conversation... pretty darn cute if you ask me!)

And we are back in our room with our chair and pillow! ;)

Although this is what she does now... Lol! 

Showing off her walking skills

We love you baby girl and couldn't imagine our lives without you!! We cannot believe you are a year old!! As much as we wish time would stop, or slow down for just a bit, we love every new day and every new stage as you grow and learn! You amaze us sweetie! 


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  1. She is just so adorable! I miss her (and her mommy and daddy)! I love the pictures of her walking. Can't wait to see the pictures from her party!