Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update:

It was the first weekend in quite some time that we had absolutely nothing planned... And I must say, it felt AMAZING! 

Now don't get me wrong, we still had a lot of things to do... Like finishing up all of the little things in the house, running errands, getting things ready for Charli's first birthday party next weekend... So we were still pretty busy! 

Friday was a whole lot of running around, shopping, cleaning the house, and hanging more pictures. We finally decided on a breakfast nook table, and we will get to pick it up on Tuesday! We are still undecided on our new master bedroom headboard (since when we moved in, we decided to bite the bullet and finally upgrade to a king size bed), but that meant our brand new Pottery Barn headboard went into our second guest bedroom . So I have finalized it down to these two headboards...

Both are from Pottery Barn. I am leaning more towards the upholstered one, since it is for the master. But I have always loved the seagrass and wanted it a long time ago... What are your thoughts?

Saturday was more of the same... running around running errands, getting things marked off my "First Birthday Preparation" checklist, Steven trying to get the garage cleaned and fully organized, more picture hanging (let me tell you, this is what Steven looks forward to the most out of his day) ;), grocery shopping, and a little flower picking in our backyard...

I seriously love having fresh Hydrangeas in my backyard!! 

Sunday was a bit more relaxing since we got so much done on Friday and Saturday, so we decided to take a little time and go out for a family lunch and decided to check out the mall here in town... I was pleased with what I saw, and I may have a new favorite store, Palmetto Moon!! (I love being back in the South!) And after we got home, and relaxed in the upstairs living room (aka: Charli's play room), letting her play and walk all over us (which by the way, she is getting so much better on her feet! It amazes me how well she is walking, and that within a few days is walking all over the place!), then we headed outside when we heard the Ice Cream Man!! (Ummmm... what is summer without running outside when you hear that music?!)

This was Charli's very first experience! And by the evidence, I'm pretty sure this will not be the last time we see the Ice Cream Man!

Now that is just pure Summer perfection! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well!! 

Here's to Charli's First Birthday Week!! 

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  1. We have the seagrass headboard (and have for 6 years.) It holds up really well, although now I want a fabric one just for a change!