Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wow, What a Move...:

We made it to South Carolina on Saturday afternoon, after getting caught in bumper to bumper traffic on the way up. We were so excited when we saw this...

After getting into Charleston we headed straight to our house to meet the property manager to get our keys!! 

I must admit that I was a little nervous during the drive up, because we made our decision on this home based on the trust of the property manager we were working with on a few other homes, and the pictures she had sent us. I have a few friends in the Charleston area, and my friend Katey helped us out by viewing another home we were looking at, but we went with this home sight unseen... Well, I think God was in our corner on this, because our home is beautiful, close to Steven's work, family friendly neighborhood, and perfect for my little family! We are very happy! 

The rest of Saturday was unpacking the U-Haul that held all of our things from the past 6 weeks, a lot of running errands, and getting checked into our 2 bedroom suite for the next couple of nights.

Sunday we woke up and headed in to Downtown Charleston to do a little touristing! We had breakfast at 'Toast of Charleston', where we started out with Bacon Bloody Mary's... Yes, Bacon! (That right there tells you our day was amazing!) ;) After breakfast we just walked around sightseeing, taking in this new city we will call home for the next two years.!

Charli loved the horsies!

Luckiest baby ever to have such an amazing Nana!

Playing in the fountains with Daddy!

So if you know me, you know my love for pineapples! I just think they are classic and chic... probably thanks to Lilly Pulitzer, (So thank you Lilly!). But if you didn't know, Pineapples are the symbol for warm welcome and hospitality! I love seeing them everywhere we go now!

After touring Downtown, it was more running errands buying a new king size bed, and bedding, groceries, and a few other things we were going to need before the movers got here on Monday morning!

Monday morning we woke up, had a quick breakfast at the diner, then back to the house to meet the movers... Or so we thought... Steven called the moving company after we got to our house, and they actually forgot that we had scheduled our move for Monday July 1... (WHAT?), they thought it was for Tuesday.... (Side note: it has also been down pouring since the moment we arrived, so the movers said they would have probably had to cancel anyways due to the weather...) Nothing better to hear than, we have to wait one more day to get our stuff... And the fact that my brother-in-law was already on his way up from Jacksonville to help us move in, and now we have to wait... As stressful as that was, we were going to make the best of it, and headed back in to Downtown after Amia got in, and we spent the day shopping and walking around! On Sunday we wanted to go through the 'City Market', but didn't have enough time, so we took advantage of our time on Monday and went!

So if our day couldn't have got anymore stressful... We received a call from my dad that Bogey attacked one of my parents dogs (DJ- chihuahua)... (WHAT???) We didn't know what to do... How did this happen? How could this have happened? We all know Bogey is a little skiddish (we got Bogey from a rescue and he has always been a little tense and skiddish with new things, and he can act mean/be very intimidating... but has never once attacked a person or a thing) I was devastated, crushed, sad... and so was everyone else. After many many many tears from both Steven and I (because we didn't know what to do... Do we put him down? Do we give him up for adoption? Do we take him to a rescue?) We decided we will deal with Bogey when we get back to Jacksonville (today), and figure out what the best option is... (The good thing is that he did not kill DJ, but he injured her very badly. DJ went into surgery yesterday and did well, but is on a lot of pain meds right now) Our biggest concern with this, is that we have Charli... she is by far the most important thing to our family, and her safety is first and foremost. The last thing we want is for Bogey to lash out on her in any way... (which he has never shown any sign of this with being around any other children who have been in our home). 

I think Steven and I have decided to bring him back home with us, look into a behavioral trainer, and go from there. I think with everything, from being on an airplane for the first time, being back in a new place where there are other dogs, his Daddy leaving for a month, and now we are all away from him, has been a lot, and dogs can be very territorial during these types of transitions... (Bogey also used to be on separation anxiety medication... so he clearly has his own little issues, and that will be something we will look into getting him back on)

But if you could say some extra prayers for my family during this time, it would be greatly appreciated!

(Deep Breath..) Now on to Tuesday... THE MOVERS ARRIVED!

With all 12,000 LBS of our goods! (Good Lord we have a lot of stuff!)

And with a full day of "go, go, go" and the amazing help from my mom and brother-in-law... by Tuesday evening by 10:30 PM, all of our boxes were unpacked, everything was put away, our house was organized, and pictures were being hung on the wall! (Now, we aren't 100%, but in my book, I would say we are at about 95% which is good for me in less than 24 hours!)

So thank you so much again mom and Amia for all of your help!! We greatly appreciate it and love you guys! 

And through all of this, Charli was an absolute trooper!! She took over an hour nap with all of the movers in the house, and all of the noise that came with that! She is such a blessing, and I think she was happy to be back in her very own crib last night! :)

Now it is back to Jax we go to celebrate 'Merica! Happy 4th of July everyone! 

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