Friday, July 12, 2013

Navy Training:

Well we are back home once again... Since we have moved in to our new home, we have been on the go and super busy... From being back and forth to Jacksonville, being home for a couple of days, then  off to Virginia Beach for the week. 

We headed up to Virginia on Monday morning. Steven had training all week for his new job that he will be starting here in Charleston at the end of the month as the XO (Executive Officer) of the Naval Weapons Station (insert proud Navy wife moment... I am so proud of all that Steven has accomplished in his 16 years being in the Navy, and am so excited for this next chapter for him!)

We stayed on base this week (which was actually my very first time ever staying on base... yes, we lived in 'military housing' in Monterey, but it was not on an actual "base", just military community, and we have never stayd in a Navy Lodge or any other "hotel" on base), so this was a neat experience for me. Even better was that they put us up in the Admirals Quarter... 

It was the perfect size for my family of 3, and we had plenty of room for Charli to roam and play! (Insert proud mommy moment... Charli is the best little traveler, and does such an amazing job sleeping in all of these new places... sleeps through the night, takes 2-3 hour naps still, and loves being on vacation!)

Tuesday morning, Steven was up and off to training. Charli and I had a nice relaxing morning, then headed out to the NEX (Navy Exchange, which by the way was HUGE), we did a little shopping, then walked over to the park so she could swing for a little bit, before heading back to the room for lunch and nap! When Steven got back from training, we headed out to have dinner with one of his good friends who he was on a Submarine with over 10 years ago. It was so nice meeting Marty, his wife Nina, and their adorable little girl Maya! We hope to see them again really soon! 

After an awesome dinner at Plaza Azteca, and some yummy margaritas, we headed down Shore Drive to the beaches area. 

There was live music, street performers, F-18's flying over head, and just a pretty night all together. 

We even caught a pretty sunset!

Well, Steven and I did anyways... little munchkin fell fast asleep! (Such a sweet sweet little girl!)

Wednesday morning was the same... Steven was up and off to training day 2, and it was another relaxing morning for us girls! After morning nap, we were headed outside to enjoy the sunshine, and have a little picnic! And guess who joined us for a little bit during his lunch break?! Yep... DADDY!!

I've got one hot Officer, let me tell ya!

Daddy couldn't stay long, but Charli was so excited to see him for the little bit that she could! Then it was all about the food...

'What do you have in there for me?'

Showing off her standing and walking skills! 

After our little picnic, it was back to the park for a little swing time and slides! When Steven got back we headed out for a little family beach time. We went to the beach on base (so technically it was the Chesapeake Bay). 

We have not had a beach day since we have been back on the East Coast, so this was Charli's first time on an East Coast beach. Surprisingly, she did not mind the sand (which if you can remember, she was not a fan of back in California). She loved playing with all of her beach toys, and in particular, loved her little shovel! 

And of course, she loved the water!! (Our little water baby)!

 But unfortunately, our beach trip was cut short when we saw the lovely thunderstorms rolling in... and in a matter of seconds, it started down pouring... We still enjoyed ourselves and mommy was able to get one picture in before we ran for the car! ;)

Since our beach day was cut short, we decided to head to the mall and do a little shopping... Where we got Charli fitted for her very first pair of "real shoes" at Stride Rite! She is still not sure about them, and points at them when they are on her feet, but she has already done so well standing and walking in them! 

Thursday was Steven's last day of training. We got everything packed up, dropped Steven off, and Charli and I drove around, then headed back to the beach to enjoy another little picnic together!

And yes, those are her feet lounged up on the table... Straight chillin'! ;)

Then it was back to pick up daddy, and on the road to home! 

It was a great little "vacay", but we are so happy to be back in our home, and being able to settle in some more before our family and friends start arriving next Thursday for a certain little someone's First Birthday Celebration!!!! (Can you even believe it? Exactly ONE WEEK from today, Charli will be turning 1!) And I'm going to warn you now, since we are officially in "Charli's Birthday Week" (yes, we like to celebrate our week... don't judge!) ;) But there will be a whole lot of "First Birthday" posts next week... Get ready! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend! 


  1. Wow - Admirals Quarters! I want to be in the know on how to get in on that! Glad you guys had a good time in Virginia!

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