Thursday, May 22, 2014

Charli's Big Girl Room:

On the night of May 14, 2014 we tucked our baby girl into her new big girl bed! 
I can't tell you how much anxiety I was having as I anticipated that night. 
I was sad, nervous, in denial, and it was as if a little peace of my baby was being taken away.
And yes, I literally cried like a baby as she drifted into sleep like such a big girl.

Steven and I were both onboard with transitioning Charli into her new big girl bed so early. As I looked at everything that will be happening with our lives and transitions we will make when her baby brother comes, this was the one thing I wanted to do early enough since we didn't want two cribs in the house. 
So straight to a Queen size bed it was!

I had everything planned for the week after our Family Vacation since we wouldn't be leaving the house again for a few weeks. So as soon as we got back home my main priority was decorating and getting her new room together (we left the nursery as the nursery and moved her next door into what was our upstairs guest bedroom). 

We all know my love for decorating, so it was no surprise that I loved every minute of putting her new room together. One thing I did as I decorated her nursery (and will do for baby boy as well) is keeping the nursery simple, classic, timeless, and something they can grow into. I didn't want a nursery that looked too "baby" as I wanted to be able to re-use things from the nursery to make the transition even easier, and with Charli still being so young it worked out perfectly. She recognized every single thing in her new room and I honestly think that is why the transition has literally been so smooth! The only new thing we had to purchase for Charli's big girl room was her new duvet cover and shams, everything else came from her nursery.

Something very special for me is that all of her furniture was mine as a little girl! I love that my baby girl will get to use this furniture for as long as it will keep!


So the moment you have all been waiting for right...
A peek into Charli's Big Girl Room:

Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids | C Pillow: Pottery Barn Kids | Charli Pillow: Pottery Barn Kids | Green Decorative Pillow: Marshall's (old)

Monogram: DIY | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sign: DIY | Cross: Baptism gift from Aunt | Name Quilt: Pottery Barn Kids

Picture Frames: Pottery Barn Kids with added DIY by me | Basket Liners: Pottery Barn Kids

 Name Blocks: DIY | Sea Glass Lamp: DIY | 'Isn't She Lovely' Canvas: DIY | Lantern: Home Goods

Chair: Pottery Barn Kids


I am in love with her new room and so is Charli! She has been doing absolutely amazing with this transition. She has always been our amazing little sleeper, and I never thought it would even be possible for her to be an even better sleeper, but she some how is! She sleeps through the night still and even when she wakes up in the morning she does not get out of bed. I hear her talking to her stuffed animals through the monitor and she stays in bed until I come and get her.

We also took the box spring out and replaced it with a bunky board (about a 2 inch box spring) so that the bed would be easy for her to climb in and out of and that it would be lower to the ground for fear of her falling off (we were trying to eliminate purchasing the bed railings). Thus far she has only fallen off the bed once, the very first night, and it didn't even wake her... She was still sound asleep! haha! But don't worry, daddy went in and moved her back into bed! Since then, no issues!

I am so thankful that Charli loves her new room!
It has made this "mommy transition" much easier on me! ;)


  1. Love it! And I really like that you used a lot of the same stuff from her nursery. What a great way to make the transition easier on her and the cost easier on your wallet!

    1. Thank you! And yes and yes! It was very cost efficient since all we needed was bedding! Score! And I loved her nursery too much to change anything, and really thought it would be the smoothest transition for her and it has been!! So thankful!

  2. So, so sweet. I love the colors and your style!

  3. Love the room! It's like a dream little girl's room :-)