Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks:

How far along: 25 weeks (just over the 6 month mark)
Size of baby: I had a Growth Ultrasound yesterday and baby boy is almost 2 LBS (weighing in and measuring above average). Being High Risk and having Crohn's Disease, I get a little Ultrasound every time I go in to make sure baby is growing normally and everything is OK, but yesterday was a scheduled "Growth Ultrasound" in the big fancy Ultrasound room where I got to see our little man for a good while... Boy am I in love! 
Gender: Yep, still a boy! I made sure the Ultrasound Tech confirmed! ;)
Names: We have finally agreed on baby boys name, but we are keeping it to ourselves until his arrival! For whatever reason we always had our girls names picked out but could never fully agree on a boys name, but we finally have! 
Weight Gain: 6LBS! I am happy to report that within the past 5 weeks I have put on some LB's! I have a cheering section (literally) as I am stepping onto the scale! My nurses and OB are very happy right now!
Maternity Clothes: I haven't needed to put on any maternity clothes yet as I have been living in dresses, but I went shopping with my Momma while on vacation last week and got a couple of maternity tanks (honestly I wear these jokers not pregnant because I love how long they are) and my mom also got me a super cute dress!
Sleep: Still sleeping good despite my back. I have brought my big pregnancy pillow back into bed with us to try and help support my back while I sleep. Seems to be working some. And still getting up a couple of  times in the middle of the night to tinkle, although some nights I haven't at all! 
Movement: I feel our little fella move all the time now! He loves when I sit out in the sun (another lover of the outdoors) ;)! Daddy felt him move a couple of days after I posted my 20 Week Bumpdate and feels him every night! My mom also felt him move last week! He seems to be pretty scheduled with his movements and I know when he is most active and I am SO thankful that he doesn't move/wake me up while I am sleeping (please be like your sister baby boy) ;)
Any Pains: My back is still giving me a lot of problems. I started Physical Therapy a few weeks ago and go twice a week. It seems to help immediately, but I am in pain shortly after. And yes, because of this I am the waddling queen! I have had stomach pain off and on (thank you Crohn's Disease) but nothing I am not used to already. And around 22 weeks I started having some really bad lower pain that my OB was concerned about so he had to do an Ultrasound to check my cervix and also check to see if I was dilated. Thankfully I wasn't dilated but my cervix is a little off from what it should be (nothing horrible), little man is just SUPER low already and the pain is a lot of pressure from his head being right on top of my cervix. Other than that, I am good! ;)
Food Cravings: Still inhaling popsicles, love me some nice cold milk, and with Easter behind us I am hoping that the sweets/candy cravings go away (although it probably helped with the weight gain ;)). Other than that it is still a day to day thing on what I am "craving"
What I miss: Alcohol! Yum! Nothing sounds more delicious to me than a nice cold margarita or adult beverage! 
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting the nursery decorated and celebrating our little guy in a few short weeks back home with my family and close friends!! 

Mommy loves you baby boy, keep on growing strong and healthy in there! 


  1. Yay I'm so glad things are going well! Hope your back gets better soon, that sounds like no fun!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, going much better... Although I did a fluke "nauseous" day yesterday and got sick a lot, but feeling much better today!

  2. So happy for you!!!! YAY for weight gain & a healthy baby boy! XO

  3. So happy that everything is going well! *knock on wood* I love your bumpdates :)

  4. That bump is adorable. Glad everything is going well! And boy, can I relate to some of that pain down low, if you know what I mean. Hang in there. :)

  5. What a perfect bump you have there!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your back troubles. I had such a horrible time with back pain too so I really feel for you. I used heat packs around the clock and started wearing a back support belt, have you had any relief with either of these?? xx

  6. booooo I want to know his name! ;)