Friday, May 23, 2014

Charli in Charleston: My Big Girl Room:

From Charli's Chair (or bed):

My crib and my nursery
It was all that I knew
But my little baby brother
Will be here soon
He'll need a place to sleep
And be rocked at night
So moving up to a big girl room
Seemed just right

Mommy worked and she decorated
To get my room ready
So I would feel comfortable
And fall asleep with my teddy

With my clothes put away
Curtains and pictures all hung
My new sheets were all washed
And my new bed seemed snug

My new big girl room was waiting
For that night my Mommy was anticipating
I was excited, and Daddy was too
He read me my books and we said goodnight to the moon

Mommy and daddy were proud
And said I'm such a big girl
It's because I'm going to be a big sister
And show my baby brother the world!

Until my next adventure...


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xoxo charli

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  1. Love the poem. Wow, Charli is such a big girl! It looks like she just adores her new room and big girl bed.