Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nana's Month in Mooport:

Well, it's official, after exactly one full month of being here with us to take care of everything we couldn't, we said goodbye to Nana. I can't thank my mom enough for all of the things she did for Steven and I while I was in the hospital but even more so after I got home. I truly could not have gone through this surgery without her. She was my extra set of hands and arms as I could not do much during this recovery. I was unable to pick up Crew or anything for that matter for 8 weeks after surgery. Yes, I am only at 4 weeks post surgery and obviously having to pick up and carry Crew now that she is gone (this is something my surgeon did not want but understands the circumstances. FYI I am being SUPER cautious and careful when tending to the kids and really everything in the household for that matter) but I'm feeling good! 

So thank you mom, for EVERYTHING you did; from tending to every single thing for both kids, to tending to your baby girl when Steven was crazy busy with work, to cleaning my house and doing our laundry.
Thank you! 


Now, while this visit was more "work than play" for my mom, we still managed to fit in a few fun things before I went in for surgery and were able to do some more fun things within this last week she was with us since I was really feeling good! We visited the winery, went shopping downtown, we went to a few restaurants, Lobster Night at The Officer's Club, took the kids to several parks, made it to story time at the library, visited Sweet Berry Farm, went to the National Police Parade, checked out the Volvo Ocean Race , picnicked like you wouldn't believe, and of course spent the majority of our time here at the house relaxing and doing what she loves... 
Being Nana (and she's damn good at it too)!  

Here's a glimpse into her Month in Mooport:

 Thank you again mom, we already miss you like crazy but thankfully we will see you so soon! 
I love you! 


  1. You are so blessed to have a mother who can do that for you and your family. I do not, but knowing people like you can... I'm rambling. God bless Nana. Glad you're recovering well.

  2. SUCH sweet pics! Grandmas are the best, so glad you have her! The kids are as adorable as ever! And most importantly, so happy that you are feeling GOOD! XO

  3. Bummer she had to leave :/ But what a blessing that she was able to be there for a month!

  4. How wonderful that she got to be there for a whole Mother's Day month :) You have one sweet mama! I can't even tell you how much I love the coordinating outfits and all of these photos. Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend, Traci!