Thursday, May 7, 2015

Newport Things: National Police Parade:

Over the weekend was the National Police Parade that went through downtown, which is only a couple blocks from our house. Since I was feeling really good that morning we decided to walk the few blocks and check it out.

With all of the negativity surrounding our law enforcement these days, it was really quite refreshing to see just how many people support and respect what our police are here to do for every community in our nation. This parade was extra special as there was someone in it representing all of the New England area; from every city in Rhode Island, to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, New York NYPD, Connecticut, to the State Police force, State Troopers, and even the Environmental Law Enforcement.  It was really neat. 

Even the Navy Band performed

We all had an absolute blast! There were horns, sirens, helicopters, Fire Engines, motorcycles, bands, and performers. It was a huge parade and though it was a ton of fun we did head in a little early since it cut into lunch and naps! It was definitely a great day for a parade though!

Thank you Newport for a fun little outing!

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