Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Newport Things: Mystic, Connecticut

We had heard some really good things about Mystic, Connecticut, so on Friday morning we decided to make the short hour drive for a fun day trip with some friends. I am so glad we did, as Mystic was such an awesome time! 

We started with the Aquarium which was a lot of fun for Charli. I have to say, we have been very spoiled with the Aquariums that have been at every place we have lived; In Monterey we had passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is one of the best in the country, and we went more times than I can count. Even in Charleston we had the South Carolina Aquarium which we visited several times. It wasn't as big as Monterey's but it was almost just as good. So with our fine taste of Aquariums I thought the Mystic Aquarium was just OK. It was much different than the others we have been to, as most of Mystic's attractions were actually outside, making it feel more like a Sea World/Zoo/Aquarium. None the less we still had a really great time and enjoyed every bit of it! 

We spent a lot of time watching the Beluga Whales, which I feel was probably the main attraction. Charli absolutely loved them and could have sat there all day, and hearing her say "Bay-wuga Whale" was pretty much the most adorable thing ever and never got old! 

We were able to make a Sea Lion Show which was pretty neat, and that along with the Penguins were probably the next two favorites on our list!

 Other little things we did were play in the Science Area, feed the stingrays, see the jellyfish, and drive bumper boats.

Crew also had a blast at his second Aquarium visit (you can see his first Here!) and I would say he had the best seat in the house! 

After the Aquarium we walked around Mystic Village and then headed into Historic Mystic Seaport which was another adorable little "Coastal Downtown" area. 

 We finished our little trip with a perfect picnic style dinner at the cutest little hole in the wall restaurant, right on the water. It started to get pretty windy and chilly towards the end but still a great way to end our day!

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  1. Aww what a fun trip!! I miss the Mystic area so much. I always loved going to the aquarium growing up. I know you won't be there much longer, but my favorite thing when I was younger (but a little older than Crew and Charli) was the Mystic Seaport.