Thursday, May 28, 2015

Newport Things: Roger Williams Park Zoo:

On Sunday we headed to Providence to spend the morning at the Zoo! 

We were on the fence about going since we will be back down in Jax soon and will take full advantage of the Jacksonville Zoo while we are there. But we ultimately decided it would still be fun to see the Zoo up here as we probably never will again. I am so glad we made the trip as it was a super fun day with my family and we scored this amazing tour guide upon entrance...

She made sure we did and saw Every. Single. Thing. on the map! 
First stop... The Butterfly Garden!

 There was even a "Backyard" area with a ton of kids activities that Charli loved!

Next stop... Camel Ride!
This was definitely the highlight of our visit and I have to say I was just as excited as Charli since I have never ridden a Camel either. Charli didn't even want me to go on it, "I do it all by myself Mommy" she exclaimed. I told her I had to go on it because when you ride Camels you have to have a "Mommy Seat Belt"... It worked and she proceeded to tell everyone that "Camels have Mommy seat belts"... ha! 

We really had a fun day seeing all kinds of animals until our hearts were content!

Another "Newport Thing" checked off the list! 


  1. So much fun, love you coordinating outfits of course!

  2. Love all the pics, but those thighs on that last pic are the best. And the camel ride looks awesome. Hope I can do that with the kiddos someday!