Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crew Benjamin: 9 Month Update:

Happy 9 months to our sweet boy!
And wow, what a month it was! 
It was a crazy month for all of us including Crew. I was in the hospital recovering from surgery when our sweet boy turned 8 months old and the hardest parts of it all was being away from him for so long and not being able to hold him for an entire month after I got Home. On top of that, we had our little Battle with Breastfeeding. Boy am I glad that was short lived and we are back to normal! 

Within this past month Crew has learned so much and accomplished so many firsts. I am so happy that I did not have to miss out on a single one and that he waited for me to get home! Some new things he has learned is how to clap, play Peek-a-Boo, got better at his "so big", popped his third tooth (with 4th coming any day), and learned how to crawl.  He also swung on a swing for the first time and loves it and seems to be trying to learn how to blow kisses (see above picture!)

Crew truly is the sweetest, happiest baby there ever was. I know I say it all the time, but he really does have the best personality and sweetest little soul. One of his favorite parts of the day is when Daddy gets home. As soon as Crew hears Steven he immediately starts saying "Dada dada dada dada", and though he is a Mommy's boy, he sure loves his Daddy just as much! We couldn't be more proud of everything Crew has done and continues to do each and every day! 
We love you so much son! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 22lbs (by our measurement... 9month check up is tomorrow)
*Height: Almost 30inches (again, by our measurement)
*Diaper Size: 3 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: Anywhere between 6 month to 12 month. I have officially decided I am going to bypass purchasing 9 month clothes (except for pajamas) because though 12 month is still big on him, it works and I would rather get more wear out of it.
*Teeth: 3 (2 bottom, top left) with the top right about to cut
*Sleep: 2 naps; Morning nap around 8:30AM and sleeps anywhere between 1 to almost 3 hours sometimes. Afternoon nap around 12:30PM and sleeps 2 hours almost every day (sometimes more). Bedtime is 7PM, and though he had a rough little month with mommy being gone and teething (he was waking twice sometime three times for my mom :( ) he is back to waking up just once, around 4-5AM and back to sleep until 6:30-7AM.
*Food: He loves it!! ALL of it! ;) Some new things he has tried this month; black beans, kidney beans, corn on the cob, refried beans, watermelon, and a french fry. Some of his favorites are; Avocado, Bananas, Pears, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans, and Yogurt Bites. This coming month will be big for us as we will start to introduce Wheat into Crew's diet. This was the time frame we were told to do so with Charli to see if she had any reactions and was going to need to be Gluten Free. We will start off very slowly and watch him very carefully.
*Words: He is such a little talker and loves making noises... Loud noises to be exact! His absolute favorite thing to say right now is "Dada" and he says it ALL. DAY. LONG.
*Social: He still loves people and loves attention. He still does his sweet little head tilt as if he is shy when meeting someone new but quickly warms up to them!
*Other: Bath is still an all time favorite and I love that he can sit all by himself now with big sis even though it gives me anxiety (this was actually something he started doing with my mom while I was in the hospital). He still loves his diaper changed, "airing out", is still incredibly ticklish, loves playing with Charli, and loves being outside! Speaking of outside, we noticed within the past couple of weeks that the right side of his face (by his temple) gets very splotchy and red when we are outside or in the sun... This is something we will be talking with the Pediatrician about tomorrow. It concerns me some, but I also feel it may just be a type of birthmark? Crew was not born with a single birthmark (nor was Charli, but Charli developed two birthmarks at 2 weeks of life) Crew still has zero. We will see what the Pediatrician says about it tomorrow though.

Happy 9 months sweet baby boy,
Oh how we love you so!


  1. Oh sweet boy! STOP growing so fast! These pictures are killin' me! He's gonna be a heart breaker!

  2. Oh he is so sweet! Happy 9 months cute boy!!