Monday, March 2, 2015

Elizabeth & Brian came to Newport:

More Visitors!!

I can't say it enough, but having friends and family visit us when we move so often is truly a blessing and this weekend proved it yet again!  

Something very special about being in this military life is the bond and friendships you make in such a short period of time and how strong those friendships actually are! We met our friends Elizabeth and Brian while we were stationed in Monterey.  We have kept in touch for the past 2 years as we moved to Charleston and they spent the last 2 years in Asia. As soon as they got orders to New England we started planning trips to visit each other.

It was such a wonderful weekend catching up in person, having them see Charli again (Charli was around 9-10 months the last time we saw them), and them meeting Crew! We enjoyed a lot of down time, just relaxing, talking, watching movies, and drinking wine; but we also made sure we showed them around Newport and took them to a few of our favorite spots! 

I was able to set up a dinner at our favorite little pizza joint at the beach with a few of our other friends who were also stationed in Monterey with us and who also knew Elizabeth and Brian! It was an awesome night with some wonderful friends!! 

We also checked out the local indoor Farmers Market, did a wine tasting, ate some awesome burgers, drove around downtown, took them down Ocean Drive, and finished off an awesome weekend with Sunday Brunch! They ended up hitting the road a little earlier than expected due to the lovely snow storm that was headed our way. They made it home safe and sound and we are looking forward to our trip to go see them soon! 

Thank you guys again for making the trip to come see us! 
We can't wait to come to your neck of the woods! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
Happy Monday! 


  1. What a FUN weekend! Love the pictures - Charli & Crew are getting so big, and as always, absolutely adorable! XO

  2. What fun! I just love the picture of Crew giving Elizabeth a big open mouthed kiss! Getting to reconnect with friends is definitely a perk of military life!

  3. SO fun! I feel like our MOnterey friends will always be there to visit. Like you, it was really my first assignment where we met a lot of people!