Friday, March 27, 2015

Our 4th Anniversary:

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing husband I could have ever dreamed of having! I cannot believe it has been 4 years since the day we said "I Do"! 

It has been a crazy 4 years, but a good crazy and I wouldn't change a thing!
We have dealt with our fair share of ups and downs but each one of them has put us where we are today and has made us grow closer and stronger as a husband and wife, and as a mother and father. In a short 4 years we have lived in 4 homes, in 4 states, have had 3 pregnancies, 2 beautiful children, and 1 deployment (but many more days apart due to being out to sea or work). I am thankful for all of the holidays and birthdays we have shared together as I know we won't always get to because of your career. And I am most thankful that it will be you by my side when I go under for surgery in a little over a week. I am so sorry I have been so sick these past 4 years. You are my rock and because of you I haven't had to go through it alone.

I couldn't have picked a better person to do life with. You are my best friend, my other half, my love. You are who I lean on when I am down, look to for a 'pick me up', and you are the person I am most excited to see each and every day. Because of you I am a wife and because of you I am a mother. Thank you honey for all that you do! You truly make me the happiest woman and I couldn't imagine spending forever with anyone else!
I love you something fierce!


And because I was reminiscing and came across these super fun "In The Dress" pictures we had done after he got home from deployment and we had moved to California, I thought I would share a few!


I love you honey! 
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Awww, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! Beautiful couple :)

  2. I LOVE that you got to put on your dress again for that second photo shoot :) I'd love to do that!! Happy Anniversary, you two!

  3. I hope you guys had a great anniversary! Love the pictures... your dress is gorgeous!