Friday, March 13, 2015

Crew Benjamin: 7 Month Update:

Another month older and just like that he is officially over 1/2 of a year old. 
I know I sound like a broken record every month, but time really does go by way too fast. I feel it almost goes by even faster with baby 2. As much as I would love for time to slow down I have to say that I love watching this little guy grow every single day! He is the happiest, healthiest, and most handsome little fella! 

This past month was busy yet again. We celebrated Crew's First Valentine's DayGrammy & Our Second Blizzard came to town, Crew got to meet Elizabeth & Brian, and he is STILL Teething. Crew is growing like a weed and is learning so many new things! He sits, rolls, scoots, and has even started pulling his knees up underneath him (not anywhere close to crawling, but it's a start). Big sis didn't start crawling until a couple days after turning 8 months so I'm not expecting anything anytime soon, and that is quite alright with me! I still see this itty bitty baby when I look at him and I don't want that to change! You can always find Crew doing one of the following... Laughing, smiling, chewing on his hands, drooling, blowing raspberries, sticking out his tongue, or scratching something! 

We love you so much bubs and cannot believe you are already 7 months old! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 21lbs
*Height: over 28inches
*Diaper Size: Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: 6 Months; but can still wear a lot of 3 months onesies
*Teeth: 0.....
*Sleep: He is still a great little sleeper! Thank you Lord! Even with the time change, both kids are still sleeping fabulously! Bedtime didn't change, still 7PM. He wakes 1 or 2 times in the middle of the night, the first time being around 2:30 and then maybe again around 4:30, and up for the day at 7AM. He is also officially "unswaddled". He is still in his Halo sleep sack but we now swaddle him arms out. He is also officially on two naps a day in his crib (with some cat naps if we are out and about/driving around... Seriously, the kid is asleep as soon as the car starts moving!). Morning nap is around 8:30-9AM and he sleeps between 1-2 hours. Afternoon nap is after lunch, around 12:45PM and he sleeps 3 hours. 
*Food: This has been a big month for food for our little man. New foods he has tried: Mum Mum's, Happy Baby puffs, Avocado, Carrots, Turkey (we made a fresh turkey/"Thanksgiving" Dinner ((it's Steven's favorite)) and gave him a few bites of the turkey and he loved it!), Apples, Bananas, Mangos, Gluten Free crackers.
*Words: He LOVES "talking" and making as much noise as possible. I seriously find myself yelling "loud noises" because you would think we had 10 kids in our house with my two! His "words" are still Mama, Dada, Nanana, Babababa, and he makes a sound that literally sounds like "Hiiiiii"
*Social: He still loves everybody especially if they are holding him! We have a Friday playgroup with some friends and there are 3 other babies that are stepping stones in age of Crew and he has so much fun playing with them! He is seriously the happiest baby I have ever met!
*Other: Some new things he has learned to do is "high five", shaking his head "No", and trying to pull his knees up under him! He still LOVES bath time, getting his diaper changed, and is still incredibly ticklish! 

Happy 7 months sweet boy!
We love you! 


  1. Oh Crew, you are just TOO cute! I am seeing a little bit of big sister in him, now! And I can imagine it goes faster the second time around, but each stage is just so much fun!!!! :)

  2. He's so adorable!! And growing up so fast!