Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Fever:

We have had a brutal winter with plenty of snow/below freezing temps and have been stuck inside long enough! Cabin fever is a legitimate thing and though I have grown accustomed to being stuck at home due to my illness nothing has compared to the stir craziness that has happened due to this Winter. Thankfully we have had a hand full of days so far that has given us a glimmer of hope that Spring is right around the corner! A ton of the snow has melted (but not all), and the weather is still so up and down with some super cold and windy days (with still rain/snow chances in the forecast)

Even though it is still very cold outside with a bit of snow on the ground Spring has officially sprung inside our home!! 

My family owns a Nursery out West and every year they send out 80 fresh cut beautiful tulips to all of our family around the country. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers; I carried tulips when I walked down the aisle. They are simple, elegant, and their beauty is pure. Their meaning is Perfect Love and that is exactly how I feel about them!
All of that, and the fact that they truly remind me of Spring! 

*And yes, St. Patrick's Day is now over so on to Easter decorating! ;) 

I  couldn't have been more blessed with the most wonderful family and am so thankful each and every year when this special delivery arrives!! 

Here's to hoping and praying for Spring! ;)


  1. It seems like Winter has just dragged this year and just when you get a nice day and think Spring is in action, Mother Nature gives you another week of cold!

  2. Gorgeous. Tulips are beautiful.. and how awesome that you get some in the mail every year.