Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crew's First Tooth:

It's true, it's true! 
Crew's first tooth finally cut through! 

*Can you see it up there?! The tiny white dot on the corner of his right side! The bottom picture shows you just how close the second one is to popping out too! It looks as though they have both cut but I am here to tell you they haven't! 

If you can remember, Crew started teething right about 3 months (chewing on everything and super drooly). It has been an on and off 4 1/2 months of teething for this little guy, with it starting to really get to him Last Month

Even at Crew's worst he was still a happy baby. He was fussier than normal though and really just wanted to be held all day or be on the boob. His gums started bleeding last night which is something we have never dealt with before (Charli's never bled, always just cut through very easily), which is what made us think we would be getting a tooth today and we did! We aren't out of the woods though just yet as only a corner has popped through. I am hoping the rest comes in tonight and praying he will be like big sis and cut the second in another day or two! 
Fingers crossed! 


Here's a little outtake of me trying to get a picture of his tooth...

Such a little stinker with his tongue! ;) 

Hope everyone had a TOOFriffic Tuesday! 


  1. Yay for teethies!!!! That tongue!!! He is way too cute!

  2. Congratulations to Crew (and you!!!) Spencer's almost 4 months, and the drool is INTENSE…I see teething in our near future ;)

  3. Yay Crew! Those outtakes are adorable!

  4. Yay Crew! Those outtakes are adorable!