Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's March and we still have Snow:

Happy March Everyone! 

In honor of it being March and the month of Spring I thought I would make everyone out there a little jealous because we still have feet of snow on the ground with more on the way! This is not what I am used to March looking or feeling like. 
Where is Spring?

I have actually really loved all the snow we have gotten until about 2 weeks ago. I can say I am officially over it and would like to move on to warmer weather, and I feel I am not alone in this matter! I am ready for shorts, dresses, the warmth of the sun, and to not have to literally decide what I am going to wear because of my dang shoes boots...

I haven't been feeling very well so we haven't played outside or in the snow in a while (but let's be honest here... I am over it, Steven is over it, and even Charli is over it)...

But since I had a lot of pictures that I took from other snow storms we have had in the past couple of months and I never posted them, I felt I should, in honor of our glorious "Spring" weather we are having... Oh wait... 

So while all our family and friends are enjoying sunny Florida and the 80 degree weather, just stop and think about us for a quick moment. ;) As it snowed again last night, we have freezing rain in the forecast for today, and more snow in the forecast tonight/tomorrow. 

*Charli's first little snowman that we built when we had a wee bit of snow... 

I would actually still like to take Charli sledding and build her a big snowman since this snow business doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

Happy Wednesday my friends & Stay Warm! 


  1. It snowed all the way into late April a couple years ago up here and I'm so worried that is what this year will look like again. But at least you can get cute pictures like the above when there's this much snow!

  2. I know you have to be OVER it - but at least Charli makes it look adorable!! LOVE these pics!

  3. I am OVER the snow!! Seriously, when will it ever melt? I feel like we will be BBQing for Fourth of July with snow banks around us!

  4. Aww I love Charli's leopard print! I'm hoping that snow melts for you soon!!

    1. Holy snow! All these pictures are beautiful though! Praying for spring for yall asap!

    2. Holy snow! All these pictures are beautiful though! Praying for spring for yall asap!