Thursday, April 2, 2015

Charli's Chapter: My First Swim Lesson:

(*Charli in Charleston has now moved to Charli's Chapter, for obvious reasons ;) Enjoy!)

From Charli's Chair:

My First week of lessons
Have come to a close
From floating, and splashing, to kicking my toes

I'm learning to swim
Like such a big girl
But lets first stop and look
At my pony tail curl! 

Mommy and Daddy
Are so proud of me
For learning to do this
At not even three

I was so excited and had so much fun
From the very first moment
Swim lessons begun

The first week's now over
It actually wasn't that fun
Stay tuned for an update
In 5 weeks when I'm done! 


Until my next adventure...
Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo charli


  1. LOVE the bathing suit! What a cutie! Did she do lessons without you? I want Cam to do lessons without me having to get in the pool, but I don't think he would fall for that...haha!

    1. Haha! Yes, the lessons are without us! She loved every minute of it until the last part of her jumping in and him letting her go under the water... She cried the rest of the time! Haha

  2. Her cute chubby thighs! Kill me. What a brave girl to get in the water.

  3. Ah! Love the cute suit and baby thighs. How fun!

  4. Ah! Love the cute suit and baby thighs. How fun!

  5. So cute! Way to go Charli! (and Happy belated anniversary!)