Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring has Sprung:

I want to first start by saying Thank You to everyone for all of the prayers. I am officially home from the hospital. I am resting and recovering and will have an update on my health soon, but for now
Spring is officially here! 


Spring has finally sprung here in Newport! The entire week I was in the hospital the weather was sunny, warm, and beautiful (literally a 75 degree day one day). My mom had the kids outside every chance she got; from gardening, swinging, picnicing, going for wagon rides (Crew's first), to just being outside playing in the grass or coloring the driveway with chalk! 
I honestly couldn't have asked for a better week for the kids! 
Thank you again mom! 

Now that I am home I was finally able to soak up some of that Newport sunshine! I spent a little time sitting on our back deck with my little family in between naps and it was glorious! My mom also pointed out all of the beautiful flowers we have (and will have) all over our yard, and I am so excited! 

So here is to warmer weather and happy hearts! 

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  1. SO glad you are home and healing sweet lady. AND that Spring is finally visiting y'all.