Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chatting with Charli:

*Stop looking at me  OR No look at me like that (clearly if she has done something wrong and I give her "that look" haha!)
*Bubs makes me so happy Momma (oh baby girl, he makes us all happy, and you don't know how happy that makes me to hear you say that)
*I just love him so much (referring to Crew; And oh how I hope it stays that way forever!)
*Sorry bout your luck (I really need to start watching what I am saying because girlfriend repeats EVERYTHING... Although this was quite hilarious!)
*Are we going to the winewy today, for a tasting? (#youknowyouhaveaproblemwhen... HAHAHA)
*Just come here and lay down wif me and talk about my day (this is our nightly routine, after daddy reads and puts Charli to bed, she waits for me to walk in and kiss her goodnight after putting Crew down and then we talk about our day!)
*Tell me about Pwincess Charli (Daddy has started making up stories and one is about "Princess Charli"... Needless to say, it's her favorite! hahaha)
*That's flunny (aka: funny)
*You make me so angwy (at least she can tell us?!)
*I'm talking on the phlone mommy (aka: phone)
*I just facetiming DoDo (on her toy "flip phone"! haha!)
*Oh no, there's a pie-da (aka: spider... I don't know when or how or why she has gotten frightened of spiders but she literally screams and cries when she thinks she sees one... FYI: She thinks EVERYTHING is a spider... dog hair, her hair, fuzz, crumbs, dirt... oy)
*MMM, Dinner is so tasty mommy
*Thank you for making dinner mommy!
*I'm so tumfy tozy (aka: comfy cozy)
*It's so toasty warm! (as we snuggle under blankets or in bed)
*Oh My Gosh! 
*I do it by myself (when it comes to EVERYTHING! Charli is the most independent child I know... oy! I love it but it can get frustrating! She goes potty all by herself, wants to wipe all by herself, wants to put her clothes on by herself... Let me add that if we don't let her do it by herself she will literally take her clothes back off and put them back on or climb back up on the potty just to climb right back down...)
*Oh I like cocaut (aka: coconut... and referring to EOS chapstick...haha)

And for fun, here is a legitimate conversation with Charli... Enjoy! 

"And I was just like whats going on, haha, and somefing like that, and Wyan is not a Pwincess cause he's a boy, and like what's going on wif you I said, and no do it again, and I wun awound, and I say no do that, haha, and I said whats going on wif you, and I wasn't feeling whale because I had a pie-da in my mouf, but then I took it out and was feeling much better, and then we had dinner and I ate all my food so I eat a cupcake, and baby jesus gave evewyfing to evewyone, and baby jesus just loves all of us, and we go to the livrary today and we see all our fwiends!"

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