Monday, July 13, 2015

Crew Benjamin: 11 Month Update:

How are we already here? How are we one month away from having a one year old, how? 

This has been one crazy month for all of us as we prepared for our move. Crew had his First Beach Day, his First Swim  in the pool, celebrated his First Fourth, and we said goodbye to his Second Home. In the midst of everything we have been trying to settle into our new normal here at Nana and Papa's. Though it's been a crazy month Crew has been a champ through it all... Starting with basically sleeping the entire 21 hour drive from Newport to Florida (He was awake maybe 3 hours... Seriously, the kid is AMAZING). The only big change I have seen through all of this is that Crew has developed a huge attachment towards me. He has always been a Momma's boy (which I LOVE, duh!) but since moving and then daddy turning right around and having to leave I noticed the change. It has slowly gotten a little better but if he has it his way, Momma would be holding him 24/7!  

Crew continues to grow and learn every single day and we couldn't be more proud of our little man! He has learned to point (and grunts while pointing), crawl up one step, and he is so close to pulling himself up to standing but just isn't there yet. At this point with Charli, she was a few days shy of walking, saying many more words, and just seemed to be doing a lot more. It is so funny though, because the second time around I don't have a doubt in my mind that he too will get there when he is ready, and to be honest I love that he seems "slower" with learning some things because it truly just means he is still my baby boy! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: Between 23-24 lbs
*Height: over 30 inches
*Diaper Size: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: Mostly 12 months. Still wears some 6 and 9 month onesies
*Teeth: 5 (I can see 6 and 7). Another difference with Charli, she had 8 by now and was already working on her 1 year molars.
*Sleep: 2 naps/day: Morning nap: 8:30am and sleeps around 1-2 hours; Afternoon nap: 1pm and sleeps around 1-3hours. Bedtime: 7pm (something new has been bunking Charli and Crew together in the same room). Unfortunately since moving to Nana and Papa's he hasn't been sleeping AS great as he was (but he was sick when we first got here and has been teething non stop, so I get it). He's been waking up around 10-11pm and then again around 2-3am and then is up for the day around 6:45am.
*Food: It has been a BIG month for new foods! He still nurses about 4 or 5 times a day and is officially eating whatever we are eating. He hasn't eaten "baby food" in a month. Some new foods have been: Turkey, Tomatoes, Chicken, Black Eyes Peas, Spaghetti, rice, Goldfish Puffs, and Milk. I slowly introduced Organic Whole Milk to him about 3 weeks ago and he LOVES it! He gets 2 bottles of milk during the day; usually sometime in the morning and one after his afternoon nap.

Here's a look at a typical menu for Crew: Breakfast- Yogurt Bites, Banana, sometimes waffle; Lunch- Turkey, Cheese stick, grapes, goldfish puffs; Dinner- whatever we are eating... Chicken, brocolli, rice, avocado, pasta; Snacks- Veggie Sticks, Crackers, Goldfish puffs, Watermelon, or Puffs.
*Words: No new words... He has really started making all sorts of sounds lately and you can have a full on conversation with him through grunting (it is pretty hilarious and adorable) but for words it is still "mama", "dada", and "nana"
*Social: It's been a big month for meeting and seeing new people and seeing lots of family! He has been one busy boy playing, swimming, and scooting on his toosh (yes, he still prefers to crawl sitting up on his bum... ADORABLE!) 
*Other: Crew is seriously the happiest baby that ever lived. Everything makes him smile or laugh, he loves to talk grunt at you, pointing, kind of waving, and he finds his sister to be the funniest person around. He especially loves it when she is in timeout... He immediately starts smiling at her and b-lines it straight to her to play... Defeats the purpose son. Bath time is still a favorite, he LOVES the pool and is officially going under the water, and his favorite toys are anything cupboard or drawer related... If he is not supposed to touch it, he loves it! This little boy is into everything these days  and seems to have no fear... All boy!
Nicknames: Bubs and Bubba are still his top ones (so much so that if you ask Charli what her brothers name is she states "Bubba Benjamin"...), Crewton, and his new one is Crew B. (said like, Crewby... Followed with "Crewby dooby doo") haha!

 And because this was the very first month that was actually difficult to take his pictures because he does not sit still very long... I thought I would share what most of the pictures looked like... 

Happy 11 months sweet boy! I cannot believe you will be ONE next month!