Sunday, June 14, 2015

Newport Things: Easton's Beach:

We live just over a mile from Easton's beach (or First Beach) and since the weather here has FINALLY been warm enough (I mean it only took until mid June and all) and we had some down time we decided to pack a bag, put the kids in the BOB, and walk to the beach on Friday afternoon. It was 75 and sunny and it felt HOT (seriously, living up here has made us crazy and we are officially going to die of heat once we are back down in Jax...) It was such a beautiful day though and it felt so good to be warm again! 

Crew snoozed the whole walk to the beach and continued to snooze for the first little bit of his very first beach trip!

Charli on the other hand could not wait to get her hands dirty and play in the water! 

Charli had an absolute blast running around, splashing in the water, and digging in the sand, and once our rad little dude woke up he enjoyed it too! This was Crew's very first time at the beach and he was very curious. He couldn't wait to touch the sand and of course taste a big ol hand full! Much different than Charli's first time (she was very unsure and didn't want it on her, but that was short lived!). 

And well because we have a very dramatic almost three year old... An outing is never an outing with at least one melt down from yours truly and Steven was able to capture this magical moment for us to always remember...

 *Steven and I have been cracking up at this shot he got! hahaha! Ohhhh the life of Charli! ;)

With the exception of the one melt down (which by the way was because daddy was taking a picture of mommy and Crew and not taking Charli to the ocean..) it was a fun loving afternoon! We had such a great time and are so happy we could make it to the beach before we move! Upon leaving, both kids crashed in the stroller on the walk home! 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!

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  1. Aww what a fun weekend trip!! Charli's bathing suit and Crew's hat are the cutest!