Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crew Benjamin: 10 Month Update:

Happy 10 months to our baby boy! I cannot even believe that we are a short two months away from having a one year old. Seriously people, where did the time go. It is amazing to me how every one you meet says the same thing; they grow up way too fast, well it is so true, but why oh why does it seem to go by even faster with baby 2? I'm not ok with it!

We have had a super busy month and there is no slowing down in our future, as Summer continues and even into the Fall. This past month Crew experienced his first Carnival, celebrated his first Memorial Day, visited the Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut, visited the Zoo for the first time, went to his first Polo Match, tasted Ice Cream, and will be moving for the second time. In his short 10 months of life he will be saying goodbye to his second home in his second state. This will also be his last monthly picture in his chair for a very long time (cue the sadness). Though we have been incredibly busy we have had so much fun with this sweet guy. The amount of new things he has learned has amazed us and his little personality couldn't be any better. He truly is the definition of the happiest baby that ever lived! 

We love you so much Bubs! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 23lbs
*Height: 29 1/2inches
*Diaper Size: Size 3 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: Between 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months
*Teeth: 4 (2 top, 2 bottom) and I'm pretty sure all 4 lateral incisors are cutting
*Sleep: Goes to bed at 7pm (usually asleep before 7), wakes once around 4 or 5am (unless he is teething then he will wake around 11pm or Midnight and then again around 5am), and up for the day between 7-8am. Morning Nap around 9am, sleeping between 1-2 hours. Afternoon Nap around 12:30pm, sleeping between 1-3 hours. 
*Food: This has been a huge month for new foods. First we have officially introduced wheat (here and there) and are happy to report no reactions thus far (woohoo!!!). New foods he has had this month have been: Grapes, Bread (both Gluten Free and Gluten Full ;)), Cheese, Veggie Sticks, and Eggs. He sure loves to eat and seems to love it all!!
*Words: His new official word added this month is "Blah" and it's hilarious! Words he says every day are Mama, Dada, and Nana
*Social: He is still the most lovable little guy I have met. He will let anybody hold him and smiles at everyone. He truly knows how to brighten up someones day! This will be a sad yet happy month, as we say goodbye to all of our friends here, but say hello to all of our family and friends in Florida! His social calendar is about to get even busier! 
*Other: Bath is still his favorite, along with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! ;) He is still ticklish, loves having his diaper changed, and he has officially started to pull himself up onto things (not fully standing, but so close). He tries to stand in his crib and pulls himself to the coffee table. Crew has started fake laughing recently and it cracks himself up. All you have to do is look at him and make a fake laugh and he starts to fake laugh but then ends up turning into a full blown belly laugh! Cutest. Thing. Ever. A random fact about Crew is that he LOVES tags. They seem to soothe him. It is the first thing he looks for on anything. Also, his little splotchiness that shows up on his face is of no concern to his Pediatrician (as he really can't diagnose it or say what he really thinks it is since he hasn't even seen it) it could be heat rash, birthmark, who knows. 
In other news, Crew's tongue... 

And because this is the most hilarious picture ever...

Happy 10 months baby boy! 

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