Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chatting with Charli:

*PHEW dat was close (very dramatically, as she wipes her hand across her forehead)
*MMMMM, it's bee-licious and bee-dicious (aka: delicious and nutritious!) haha
*I so hungy (aka: hungry... All. Day. Every. Day.)
*It's a beautiful day in the neighba-hood, it's not waining, it's not too hot, and it's not too chlily (this is one of my favorite things she says! She started saying it ALL the time as the weather was turning nicer in Newport)
*I going big poo poo's, just like Daddy (bahahaha!)
*Yesha-day OR Yesha-year (aka: yesterday)
*Lilly Plinter (aka: Lilly Pulitzer... Sorry honey... You knew it was only a matter of time! I should also add that girlfriend 100% knows Lilly prints... Sad, but true!)
*All da weeks (aka: all the days of the week... haha)
*It's O-Hey, you be Supa Bwave (when she is playing "Doctor Appointment" ((and yes that is what she says)) when she is giving me or Crew a shot!)
*Now take a deep bweaf (aka: deep breath... Again, her favorite thing to do is play Doctor and then is what she tells you as she places her stethoscope on your body)
*I need to take your pressure pressure (aka: blood pressure)
*Knock Knock, Who's There (then I say who's there), an Owl (an owl who?), I don't know, it's just an Owl! (Let me add that she 100% made this up and radnomly says it! I honestly don't know where she even got knock knock jokes because I don't say them! hahaha! She also uses this knock knock joke with using a Lion, a Bear, and a Giraffe. HAHA!)
*When my a baby (aka: When I was a baby.)
*Red light, STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! (about a month ago Charli officially turned into our back seat driver)
*Green light, GO! GO! GO! MOVE PEOPLE! (hahaha!)
*TOP SIGN! TOP!! (aka: stop sign. Let me add that girlfriend will call you out if you do not come to a complete stop either... Not that I have ever done it I mean!)
*Aww poor fella (to Crew and even to Bailey haha)
*OH NO! Look, it's anotha bee-dito bite (aka: mosquito... Poor girl has her Momma's sensitive skin and the Florida mosquitoes go straight for her and she immediately welts up like I do)

Oh this girl... Always making us laugh! 

(*Note: The above picture was taken after I walked into her room here at my parents because the door was closed. Totally found her lounging on her bed chatting it up with her friends on the broken cell phone she found... A glimpse into her teenage years? I think yes... Lord help us!)


  1. Those are hilarious! Sad we didn't get to see you before you guys left. Good luck on your next adventure :-D

  2. Kiddie knock knock jokes are the best! They never make ANY sense, but they always make me laugh!