Thursday, June 4, 2015

Newport Things: Bristol:

Sunday was supposed to be a rainy day so we kept it a low key morning but decided to make a fun adventure into Bristol, RI that afternoon since it was still dry. 

Bristol is known to be very Patriotic and holds the oldest annual parade for July 4th in the United States. We had driven through Bristol once on our way to a Doctor appointment for me and I had been one other time with a friend to go walking through Colt State Park. Both times I said just how cute of a coastal town it was and wanted to try and make a visit again.

We grabbed a coffee as we walked and shopped the small little Downtown strip, checking out a few really cool Antique Shops before heading to the water. Charli ran around Independence Park and watched what every sailboat was doing in the Harbor. Charli not only has a true love for the water but seems to have a true love and fascination with sailboats (music to our ears) ;). She asks Steven and I all the time to go on a sailboat ride (looks like we might have to make that happen soon!)

 After a little exploring around town we grabbed some Ice Cream at the cutest little Ice Cream Shop right on the dock; Gray's. We all enjoyed a yummy little treat (yes, even Crew got his First Taste) before calling it an afternoon as we saw storm clouds finally rolling in. 

 We got back to the car, Crew fell asleep upon motion (seriously that kid. Love him!), so we decided to take a longer more scenic way home that included driving through Colt State Park since Steven had never been. It was a perfect little afternoon with my family! 

 Happy Thursday! 


  1. I just love your pictures. We passed through Bristol last summer - cute town!

  2. What a fun day! I haven't really explored Bristol much before, so this looks like a lot of fun!