Monday, June 8, 2015

A Baby Shower for Friends:

I have been so incredibly lucky to have met some amazing women while we have been stationed here. A few were actually stationed with us back in Monterey and we have been able to reconnect since we are all up here again together (it's true what they say... it's a small Navy!). Within the first month of living here we had a Friday Playgroup planned out with a group of girls and their kiddos and have made it a fun weekly get together that I will truly miss once we move. Two of our friends out of the group announced they were expecting (one is baby #2 and one is baby #4) and we knew having a special gathering to celebrate these sweet girls and their sweet babes was going to be a must! 

My good friend Lauren offered to host the Shower and Sunday was the day we celebrated the two glowing Mommy's! Lauren and I reminisced as we remembered that it was 3 years ago she threw my baby shower in Monterey for Charli. She did an incredibly amazing job then and I knew she would throw the most lovely shower now! I think she did a beautiful job for the intimate gathering we were having. The blues and the pinks in honor of our friend Bernadette having a little girl and Sarah having a boy! Everything turned out perfect and I am so happy I could help set it all up!   

I sure am going to miss all these lovely women and am so thankful for our friendships and am so happy we could celebrate two more sweet little babes! 

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  1. What a beautiful event - can I fly you down here to plan my next party?!