Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Babymoon:

A Babymoon: A time to relax, unwind, recharge, and get one on one time with the hubs.
Sounds perfect and something we definitely needed...

Though the timing of our babymoon did not make me think of any of the above. 
In reality it made me stressed, nervous, scared, frightened, everything bad actually.
Why you may ask?

Well do you remember That Horrible Weekend we just had a couple of weeks ago? 
Well that's why! So a few days leading up to that weekend Steven told me he had a surprise for me. I am 100% that type of person that loves surprises and I will actually go the extra mile to make sure nobody ruins it and that it truly is a surprise! All he told me was that we were going to be driving down to Jacksonville that Monday morning and leaving Charli with my parents for a few days and he had planned a surprise babymoon for us and that I needed to pack just one bag with bathing suits and beachy dresses... Say whaaaaatt?! 
I was super giddy and excited and deep down really wanted to know where we were going!

Then I started getting sick, then Steven's eye injury happened, then I started getting even sicker, and the only thing I could think of was that we were supposed to be leaving on vacation and how in the heck would we be able to enjoy it in the state we were both in... Sigh. We got through that weekend but I was then rushed in Monday morning (which we were supposed to be headed down to Jax) for an Emergency OB appointment because I was not getting any better. I was put on two different types of steroids, I had lost a couple of pounds, and was super dehydrated, but my Doctors allowed me to still go. It was actually at that point that Steven felt it necessary to tell me where exactly we were going... Insert SUPER stressed Traci knowing we would now be leaving the Country... 
Good grief! 

Needless to say, we got through everything, we made it to Jacksonville, and we were on our flight first thing Tuesday morning. I was still very sick and Steven's eyes were still blurry; Update on him, his vision is returning slowly in his bad eye but is having some issues with seeing certain colors. 

I can honestly say that when we got on our flight I took a deep breath and truly got my mind into a relaxing/vacationing mode! 


I still can't believe Steven planned all of this for us! He truly is the best husband in the entire world! He booked us an amazing suite for 4 days/3 nights at the all inclusive resort 
Ocean Coral in Cancun, Mexico.
Where we would have our own private butler for our room, room service whenever we wanted, free food, free drinks, a private beach cabana, and so many other amazing amenities that came with it! 
It truly was the life! 

So enough of the talking and on to the pictures right?! 

Our Babymoon in Cancun

The Resort:

The View From Our Room:

 Our Room:

Our Balcony:

Our Pool:

The Beach Cabana Life:

Where you could find Steven:

 The bump: 
(The reason behind the Babymoon)

 And Us:

Even though it might have felt like the worst timing for a vacation, in reality it was the best. 
With everything that was going on, it was truly the perfect time to sit back, relax, put our feet up, and unwind for a few days! 

Thank you again honey for the most amazing surprise a girl could ask for! 
I love you so much! 


  1. This looks amazing! If we decide to go for baby #4, I'm having Jarrod talk to Steven! How are you feeling? Any better?

    1. Haha, he totally needs to talk to him!! :)

  2. First, cuuuute dresses! Second, you hardly look prego from the front. You still have a waist! :) And third, that looks like a heavenly vacation. So happy you and your hubby got to go.

  3. I am so jealous of this trip. First that your husband planned it. When I told mine I wanted a babymoon he said.. "what is that?" and then "you are making that up" after I told him. Haha. Second that it was at the beach! You look so great!

  4. Looks like a fantastic trip. Before our first child was born, we took a babymoon to San Diego and it was a famously trip. I am a huge proponent of the babymoon (and parent-only vacations once children are in the picture). :)


  5. This looks heavenly!! So glad you guys were able to do this!!