Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bumpdate: 30 Weeks:

How Far Along: 30 Weeks (Third Trimester and a week away from being 8 months!)
Size Of Baby: Baby boy should be about 3 LBS and just over 15.5 INCHES (about the size of a cabbage), but I go in on Thursday for another full "Growth Ultrasound" so we will see how things look! He has been measuring bigger so it wouldn't surprise me if he was closer to the 4 LB mark!
Name: Yep, we still have it, are in love with it, and still keeping it a surprise! ;)
Weight Gain: Right about 10 LBS! With how sick I have been and everything going on my weight has really been fluctuating... Down a pound or two at one appointment, but then back up, and then down, and back up. The good thing is that I am still gaining little by little!
Maternity Clothes: Yes and no... I still wear all of my regular dresses and maxis (the ones that fit that is) ;) but I am wearing my maternity tanks and maternity shorts or anything that feels comfortable at this point!
Sleep: I have not been sleeping as well as I would like, but having as much pain and pressure and everything else that is going on, I am sleeping good enough! This modified bed rest sure has me taking a lot of naps during the day though!
Movement: Thankfully little man is still moving all the time! Although I did have a teeny tiny bit of a scare this morning because I hadn't felt him move at all and then I had Charli kiss him and talk to him with me and he finally started to kick! Phew! I think he already loves his big sister! :)
Any Pains: Yes, lots!
Pain in my back (don't really think PT is helping all that much) although now being on this "bed rest" we made the executive decision to stop PT for now.
Pain due to my Crohn's
Pain due to the pressure/dilation/cervix
Food Cravings: Popsicles, BLT's again, Milk, Cheetos (first only the puffy kind, now only the crunchy kind; lol), strawberries or really anything fruity. Steven has also been shoveling the food in my face since I have been on "bed rest"... Pretty sure I feel like a fat ton of lard and I am pretty sure I shouldn't have any problems putting on the LB's as long as I can't do anything!
What I miss: Oh my trusty adult beverages, how I miss thee! But I have been adding in a small glass of wine during the week, and boy do I love when I get it!
What I am looking forward to: I am really looking forward to my appointment this week. I want to stare at our sweet boy on that giant screen for as long as I can and I am anxious to know how I have been doing this week and praying baby boy hasn't dropped any lower and that we can make it another week!

At this point we truly are taking everything day by day and week by week. 
Being a huge planner and a little OCD with things, the unknown is giving me huge anxiety. 
But we are staying very positive and praying for the best but we are also planning for the worst; infant stuff is out and ready to use, hospital bag packed and ready, and as for the nursery all we have to do is decorate it with his bedding and decor, but there is only so much I can do. So I will be doing little by little when I can and then delegating the tasks to Steven! ;)

We love you little man and we can't wait to meet you, but we would really appreciate it if you cooked a little longer! Mommy is doing everything she can to make sure you are healthy and safe! 

Thank you again for all of the prayers! 


  1. You are getting so close, hang in there sweet mama!!

  2. You look great. Sending tons of prayers he stays put!