Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Update: June Drill:

Let me first mention that this weekend went not at all as planned...
We had some unexpected events to say the least.


Friday was a pretty low key day around here for us girls. I've been pretty sick, so sticking around the house has been what we've been up to lately... Coloring, Crafting, Napping, and squeezed in a little outside bubble time before the rain hit

Our plans for Friday afternoon after Steven got home was to run a few errands, head to the outlets to do a little shopping, and grab dinner as a family...

Well, it at least started out as planned... While we were at the Exchange picking up a few things, Steven went to put Charli on his shoulders, and she accidentally kicked him right in the eye ball... Yes, eye ball, not just the eye. If you remember, he just had Eye Surgery a couple of months back, and while yes his vision has been amazing and they have healed really well, he still deals with a couple of little things with his eyes. 

Charli's shoe literally just caught the perfect angle to really mess up his eye. Steven fell to the floor in what was the most excruciating pain, I caught Charli, and an employee came running over and got him ice. I had to rush him to the Emergency Room as he lost his vision in both eyes and was shaking and throwing up he was in so much pain. This was extremely hard for me to watch since I have seen Steven literally break bones and barely flinch at the pain... So I knew this was very bad...

Now picture this...
You've got a 7 month preggo, crying uncontrollably, with extreme back pain, waddling, carrying a toddler because I didn't have enough time to put her shoes back on (I threw them in my purse), with a grown man who can't see, holding on to my purse weighing my shoulder down, as I am trying to walk him through the parking lot to get him in the ER... Seriously that had to have been a sight to see! I am so thankful though for the valet guy who saw me struggling and came running with a wheelchair and a nurse. 
They were able to get us straight back into a room to start looking at Steven. 

After spending the evening in the ER trying to entertain an almost two year old (unprepared by the way) and take care of my husband, and also calm my own self down, he was discharged with a diagnosis of "Massive Corneal Abrasion". 

The Doctor had me view Steven's eye as well during the eye exam so I would know exactly what it looked like after happening and it was not pretty. A normal corneal abrasion is usually a small scratch to the eye commonly caused by sand or something small getting caught in the eye and then being rubbed. In Steven's case, Charli's shoe tore an entire layer of his eye off, about the size of a nickel or quarter. They had to give him 2 shots of pain meds, including morphine so that he would be able to get home.
Yeah, that bad. 

So you can imagine what the rest of our weekend looked like right...

Saturday morning consisted of a very quiet and dark house, and me giving Steven rounds of his medication (eye meds and pain Meds) every several hours. Saturday was also a very rainy day (kind of a positive for us because it kept the house even darker for Steven), so it was lots of reading, playing, and watching movies with Charli (Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid). 
Seems like we got through just fine right...
For the most part, yes, yes we did. But like I said above I have also been really sick lately. I am right at the 7 month mark, and am not only in a lot of back pain, but my disease is starting to flare up, and now I had to take care of an injured husband who couldn't see along with a toddler who still needed to be taken care of, and a house that still needed to be maintained. 
Let me just say, I was spent... I lost my temper with Charli more times than I would have wished, she seemed to throw more tantrums that day as well (imagine that), and nobody to take care of me during all of this. 
All I wanted was my bed! 

This morning Steven woke up with no changes, still in a tremendous amount of pain. And after bawling crying the night before about how horrible of a Mother I am and how I felt like a complete failure as a Mom, I woke up ready to take on whatever the day had for me. I am so thankful that both Charli and I seemed to have learned something from Saturday and today seemed to go just fine... Except for the fact that I was even sicker today. Today has been my worst episode with my illness in a while, but between the pain of it all and the tears because there is nothing I can do about it, we managed. We were able to get out of the house for just a little bit to run a quick errand and it was another day inside, reading, playing, cleaning, and doing laundry. 

We don't know what Steven's recovery time will be, but he will be seen by his Eye Doctor first thing in the morning and we are praying for all good news. I am so incredibly thankful that his vision has slowly started to come back and he was finally able to open both eyes this evening. 
Please keep him in your prayers! 

Phew... What a weekend! 


And because I took no pictures the rest of the weekend since I was a little pre-occupied...
Here are a couple post-popsicle dessert/pre-bath time pics! 

I hope your weekend was a little less eventful ;)
And a little more relaxing and enjoyable!! 

Here is to an amazing week and upcoming Baby Shower for baby boy!! 


  1. You poor thing!!! Sounds stressful, I can't even imagine. But you are an amazing mama, and don't forget that!!!!! :). Yay for baby boy shower!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a crummy weekend! I hope that Steven gets a good report from the doctor today, and I hope that you start feeling better soon. You are an awesome mama for keeping it all together!

  3. That's an awesome first bubble shot. The colors against the light background are amazeballs! Anyway, poor Steven! That would be totally scary just this soon after surgery! Enjoy that baby shower momma! You deserve it!

  4. Oh Traci, what a HARD weekend! I'm so sorry that all of that happened! Especially on a weekend without family in town to help. Hope Steven is feeling better! And hopefully you're having a better week and feeling better as well! Hugs!!