Friday, June 13, 2014

Bed Rest:

Bed Rest is not really the words you want to hear when you are 29 1/2 weeks pregnant.
The good thing is it is not an "official" bed rest, but more of a don't stand for more than 30 minutes, don't lift more than 10 lbs, take it very very easy, relax, keep your feet up as much as possible, and try not to do much of anything or something really bad might happen... 
Oh Ok and how is that not bed rest?....

So you all know that I have Crohn's Disease (along with a few other diagnosis/illnesses; Celiac Disease, Arthritis, Severe Migraines, etc...) all of which have put me in the High Risk category for my pregnancies. I am watched and cared for very closely, as there are many things that can go wrong for a woman with Crohn's Disease during pregnancy; birth defects, preterm labor, and  other very scary things for both myself and my precious baby.

Well on Tuesday, I had my regularly scheduled checkup. My OB was very concerned about the level of pain and discomfort I am experiencing from my most recent flare (a flare is basically when your Crohns Disease decides it no longer wants to play nice with your colon and basically tries to expel your colon from your body.... So lots of cramps and time in the bathroom...some flares last a couple of days some last several months....).

Basically my doctor checked me and saw that my flare has put my body into a state of shock and started to show signs of labor at 29 weeks... (fluid in my cervix, discharge, pain and pressure, and 1-2 cm of dilation)... Thankfully baby boy is doing good and appears to not be stressed out at all (normal heart rate, movement, etc) and my team of doctors have put me on some new stronger steroids for the rest of the pregnancy to helpfully keep baby boy in longer, prevent me from contracting, and help me recover.

They are  going to be watching me even closer now and I will go in again next week and will probably start to be seen 1-2 times a week. They will also have to do another big growth ultrasound to make sure baby boy is still growing good and nothing else is wrong. 

I can't tell you how scared I was having the Doctors tell me the worst case scenario of going into labor and having our baby at 29 weeks..... as tears were running down my cheeks I just couldn't help but think nothing else matters except to bring our little boy into this world healthy and happy.

So as of now, it is time to lay down, put my feet up, and try not to stress about the dishes, the laundry, the toys, the stuff I need to do in the nursery, and try to take care of myself. 

We love you so much little man and mommy is doing everything she can to keep you healthy, safe, and well protected. 

Prayers are gladly accepted! 


  1. Oh gosh, Traci - sending the most positive thoughts your way!!! I can't even imagine how scary that was. Put your feet up & relax, I know everything will work out for you!!!! XOXOX

  2. Scary. I hope you get the help you need during this stressful time. Best wishes for you and baby!

  3. So glad you and baby boy are doing OK. I sent Steve a message the other day. It is actually fairly common. Ang had the same thing at 30 weeks with Lincoln and continued to work in the catering business until 35 weeks. Lincoln Came at his normally scheduled 38 week time. Only you know your body, so take it as easy as you feel you need to, just know its OK and don't stress out to much. Our doctors said its more common than you would expect. We love you guys and keep us informed.

  4. Oh Traci, how so very scary! We will be praying baby stays out and that you start feeling better! I'll be thinking about you! Hope you can relax as much as possible!

  5. That's scary, I'm glad to hear both of you are doing ok. I'll be thinking about you.

  6. Goodness! Glad the Doctors are keeping such a close eye on you. I know it's hard to rest with an active toddler, praying you can!