Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet Buoy:

The newest member to our family
Buoy the Betta Fish
(or in Charli's words... Boobie the Sushi)

It is pretty safe to say that Charli is obsessed with fishies right now; I mean will throw the best tantrum in the waiting room at the OB office if she can't go look at the fishies in the tank. 
Her favorite movies right now are Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid (thank you bed rest).
She just loves them and asks for fishies every day. 
So daddy thought, what better Daddy/Daughter date while Mommy had an appointment, than to go to the Hardware Store and Pet Store to pick out her very own fish!

I so wish I could have been there to see her face, Steven said it was hilarious how excited she was!

Steven went with a Betta Fish as they are very low maintenance and got Buoy all set up in his brand new home!

I have to admit that when I got home and went and looked at him I started crying because he looked so lonely, sad, and didn't have any friends to play with, and then asked Steven how he could do this to this poor little fishy...
(seeeeeriously pregnancy hormones... get it together)

 Steven said he was a lot happier than being in that tiny little bag, now he has a home (ok, ok, good point). Then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't get any other fish to keep him company as Betta Fish are very aggressive and will eat the other fish... (insert pregnancy hormones)... 
Ohhhhh great, so now we have a killer fish in our home! ;)

I have since got over it and am so happy that Charli has another little buddy in the house to look at, point at, and talk to. And let's be honest, hearing her say Boobie the Sushi is hilarious and adorable!! 

So welcome to the family Buoy!


  1. Ha! Love the name! And cute container!

  2. HAHAHA Boobie the sushi!! I looove Bouy's tank!! We have a Betta named Alpha... we're real big dorks ;)

  3. Ha ha ha I love it and that you started crying! I feel you girl.

    Super cute fish tank btw!

  4. Haha love those pregnancy hormones. It's like kids say the darndest things, except pregnant women with crazy hormones cry over the darndest things. LOL. Been there, done that.