Thursday, June 19, 2014

Charli Adele: 23 Month Update:

So I wasn't going to do an update this month because there really hasn't been a huge change since last month's update and I have been trying to stick with every other month since she turned One, but... I had a realization that this would be the very last time I will every do a "Monthly Update" for our sweet Charli Adele and her trusty chair will be handed down to her bubba!
So I just had to! 

It is  completely crazy to think that our Charli will be turning TWO in exactly one month... I mean seriously... Am I being punked? Because I sure feel like it. 

23 Months has been a whirlwind... On one hand, It has been such a fun month with our little girl; the independence she carries, the true joy for life she has, how amazing she is at communicating, and all of the fun things we can do with her... She is truly a little person. But on the other hand, it has been a trying month for sure; her teething causes frustration and tantrums, her being so independent will cause tantrum after tantrum, her intelligence will cause tantrum after tantrum, oh her little personality is way too much like her Momma's... But in the grand scheme of things, Charli is an incredible little girl! She is going through everything that any other 2 year old is going through or has gone through, but it is all new for us and we are learning along side with her each and every day how to communicate better, parent better, teach better, and handle everything better, with the upmost love you could possibly imagine! 
Happy 23 Months baby girl! 
You are growing up too fast! 

Charli's Stats:
*Weight: 34 LBS
*Height: Probably still around the 36.5-37 INCHES
*Diaper size: 5, Pampers Swaddlers/Pampers Cruisers
*Clothes: Pretty much out of all of her 18 month stuff, still in all of her 24 month stuff, but we buy all 2T and 3T for new clothes
*Teeth: We are still waiting for these dang 2 year molars... These jokers have been working their way out for 3 months now and I am just praying that will mean all 4 will cut at the same time
*Sleep: This is the very first month in her entire life that I have actually said her sleeping is frustrating... She transitioned perfectly into her new big girl bed, going right down for naps and bed, sleeping through the night, no problems or issues... That lasted until we left for our babymoon and she had to sleep at Nana and Papa's in her new big girl bed instead of her crib. They really didn't have any issues with her; she was taking good naps and sleeping at night, but I think Nana might have been climbing into bed with her and sleeping with her off and on if she would wake up which has caused all sorts of problems (that's what Nana's are for right?!). We were having a time keeping her in bed; the getting out to look out the window, to sit in her chair, to put on her rain boots in her closet... But once we get her in bed she is still our great little sleeper. We have learned that consistency is KEY! I think it was just a phase because this week has been back to normal! Thank goodness!
*Food: This is also the very first month we have started to have issues with Charli not eating her veggies. The only ones she will eat are corn and peas. That is basically it though, she still eats everything else we give her, will try everything on her plate, is still a huge lover of fruit, cheeses, turkey, and snacks, snacks, and more snacks!
*Words: These days it is not even the new words she says (which she still adds something new every single day), but more like the new sentences she throws together. She literally says so much I can't even keep track. She is definitely a little talker (nothing like her mother OR father ;)) Some new things she does though is puts her hand up like she is stopping me and says "no mama" (oh really homegirl...), she loves saying "dada wait" or "mama wait", "that's bubba's room", "that's baby's swing", "I love you mama", "I love you dada", "I love you baby", and so much more!
*Social: She loves when we get to go outside, or when we go to the "big pool", and loves the water park. This little girl loves playing rough too. I can't tell you how many "boo boo's" I find on her every week or even day... I swear... I thought little girls weren't supposed to get bumps and bruises! ;) She still acts pretty shy around a group of people but it won't be long until she shows you her true colors ;) which is usually being loving and adorable, but ohhhhh she shows her other side as well! haha. You gotta love a toddler!

 To our sweet, energetic 23 month old, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


  1. Happy almost two pretty girl!!! She sounds like waverly!! ;)

  2. She's adorable! Glad she is fun to be around minus the tantrums.