Thursday, October 9, 2014


We have been planning a trip to Arkansas ever since Steven and I started dating 5 years ago but the timing has never been right to make the long trip. I have always wanted to be able to put the pieces together of where he grew up so I could better visualize all the stories that he has shared from his childhood. Luckily Jettie's wedding gave a reason that we could not miss our long awaited visit to Arkansas.

If you know Steven then you know that if we are taking a vacation that is a drivable distance, then into the car we go... 
Steven absolutely hates flying. 

We decided to try the driving through the night on the way there since it is over 14 hours driving (1,000 miles). I was actually a little hesitant on this because Charli has never been a great car rider and never sleeps in her car seat... Crew on the other hand LOVES to sleep in the car, it puts him right to sleep. 
So we picked Charli up from school last Monday, came home, did our normal routine with nap, play time, dinner, bubble bath, and a show, and as 8PM hit we were strolling out the door with two kiddos in their PJ's praying for the best! 

I am happy to report that both kids did so well! Crew slept and only woke when it was time to nurse and would go right back to sleep. Charli was up and excited for vacation for the first 45 minutes of the car ride, and the last 10 minutes of that was screaming, kicking, crying, and not happy (good lord, why do those 10 minutes literally feel like an hour?!). Thankfully she fell asleep and slept through our first stop and only woke up a couple of times but was easily put back to sleep. I also got some sleep, while my amazing husband drove the whole way! With only 3 stops, and 6 states later, he had us in Arkansas in time for breakfast with the family!! 

The rest of Tuesday was spent getting unpacked and settled into our one bedroom suite. Yes, we all 4 slept in the same room... that was a first too. I am happy to report though that it went surprisingly well! Charli has never slept in bed with us before but she did well, even sleeping through Crew's middle of the night feeding!
We were so happy to finally be there though and were ready to spend the week with family and to help get ready for the wedding! 

Not only was this mine and the kids first time ever in Arkansas but it also meant it was my first time meeting some of Steven's family as well and I was so excited! 
Our week was spent relaxing and enjoying as much time with family that we could, helping Jettie get things ready for the wedding, sightseeing, manis/pedis, and Steven taking a walk down memory lane by showing me where he grew up, lived, went to school, and his first jobs! 
It was truly a fun filled week! 

Here is a look into a few things we did while in Fort Smith...

The Park at West End

The park wasn't opened for rides at the time we were there but Charli enjoyed sitting on the horse on the carousal pretending she was going for a "horsie ride"and running around with her Uncle Yaya and Aunt Jet! 

 Fort Smith National Historic Park

Our plan was to walk up and see where they used to hang people, but with the heat and a toddler who was hungry we decided against it and made our way back to the car! We could see the area from a distance so that was good enough for me! 

Fort Smith National Cemetery

This was a very special visit for us. 
Steven's grandmother "Mommy" passed away when she was 53 and Steven was 13 at the time. We talk about Mommy almost every day and I know that this visit meant everything to Steven, as he had his two children there with him to meet her! 

 Charli of course didn't understand, but Steven told her that this is where "daddy's Nana sleeps". Charli would touch the ground and say "night night Nana, I love you SO much"! 
It was about the sweetest thing I ever saw!! 

Grabbing lunch at the famous Ed Walker's Drive In 

 Where they are known for their french dips and clearly their milkshakes...

 Charli slurped down that 16oz vanilla shake with enough breath and air to say "thank you dada"! haha! Girlfriend likes her ice cream! haha!

Family Dinners

Thank you again Aunt Dona and Uncle Mike for having an amazing dinner party for us! 
We love you guys!

 One quick visit to the mall

The weather forecast changed, with a cold front scheduled to arrive we needed to grab some cardigans for Charli and I for the wedding. And the best $5 spent that day goes to...
That car... Haha! She loved "driving her car around"! 

Aunt Jettie's Lingerie Shower

Where clearly Crew was the man of the hour, rocking an adorable bow tie!

After the wedding festivities Friday and Saturday we hit the road Sunday morning. We decided to go with an "all day" drive and it honestly seemed better than the "all night" drive (if that is possible). Charli took two naps and didn't throw a single tantrum or cry! 
We were so proud of our two little travelers!
They were definitely exhausted with the busy week we had though... 

Crew's second vacation was a success!
I am disappointed in myself though since I didn't get a single picture of Crew meeting everyone for the first time. Oh well, we will always hold the memories in our heart!

Until next time Arkansas...


  1. Great pictures, love how much of a traveler crew is already!!!

  2. What a fantastic trip! Charli's polka dotted shirt and mint shorts are ADORABLE!! Spending time with family is always so great!

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Love all of the pictures too!

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