Monday, October 13, 2014

Crew Benjamin: 2 Month Update:

How are we already here again... 
Another month has flown by and our sweet baby boy is growing up too fast! 

I cannot believe he is already two months old already and yes, I will continue to say the same thing as each month passes. It truly is amazing how fast time goes once you have little ones. 
I wish they could stay little forever!

Crew has had a very busy second month...
He is still pretty sick and still VERY congested but he is a trooper! He has already taken two vacations; traveling through 6 states, and has a few more vacations/states he will be making it to in the next month, he has his first Halloween coming up, and has officially taken his first bottle (and big sister got to help!) 
We love you little man, you have truly completed our little family!

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: Right at the 12LB mark. We will get his "official" weight on Thursday at his 2 month check-up
*Height: Right about 23INCHES. Again, we will get "official" measurements on Thursday
*Diaper Size: Size 1
*Clothes: Newborn and 3 months. He has outgrown some newborn stuff in length but some still fit him really good and almost all of his 3 month stuff is still a little big.
*Sleep: He has been doing really well lately (even with being super congested still) and I have continued to Swaddle him every night and he seems to have zero issues with it these days (yippee!). He goes down between 8-9PM and wakes around 2AM for a feeding and then again about 5-6AM for a feeding and will go back down until about 7AM. So for the most part he sleeps good 5 hour stretches but I have gotten a couple of 6 hour stretches and even a 7 hour!! I don't have him on an official nap schedule yet, but he takes really great naps all day long; in the morning, afternoon, and early evening!
*Food: Exclusively breastfed and eats right about every 2 hours. Today marked his first official bottle due to my Colonoscopy this morning and not being able to nurse for 24 hours. Daddy, Big Sis, and even Nana have all got to feed him!
*Noises: Oh his little voice, how I love it so! A few days after turning One Month he started smiling and "cooing"! His "coo" sounds like "Ohhhhhh" and it is by far my favorite thing to listen to! He loves talking to us and talking to the trees and leaves when we are outside!
*Social: Crew is such a happy and chill baby! He will let anyone hold him (and there were a lot of arms he is was in while in Arkansas, even though I got zero pictures of that) ;), but if Mama is close by he knows it and will let everyone know who he wants! ;) Doesn't bother me one bit! :) He also loves to be outside (just like big sister). If he is fussy we can walk outside and he calms right down and falls right to sleep! He also loves to play on his playmate!
*Others: He has made his first grasp and has also rolled over from tummy to back several times!

We love you little man,
Happy two months!