Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charli in Charleston: My First School Pictures:

From Charli's Chair:

With a dress and a bow
And a smile on my face
Mommy drove me to school
And said it's picture day

She said to smile for the camera
And to look my very best
She said I'd get pictures by myself
And a picture with my class!

Well today was the day
Mommy and Daddy got to see
They looked at my pictures
And said they were so proud of me! 

My First School Pictures:


A note from Mom: Can I just say how much I adore her first set of school pictures!! She did so well, except for not looking in the picture with her class! ;)
You win some and lose some! ;)
She is growing up so fast!


Until my next adventure...
Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo charli


  1. Oh my gosh, SO CUTE!! Was she like instructed what to wear or is that a crazy coincidence?! All of the kids are almost dressed alike! ADORABLE!!

    1. Aren't they?! Haha! I was dying laughing at all the smocked outfits! It was definitely a coincidence!

  2. Cute! I just photographed two private preschool classes and let me just say that the class pictures are always hilarious, especially the three year olds. It's been one of my favorite shoots and I hope they ask me to come back a third year. Charli rocked this!

    1. That is awesome for you!!! How fun!! Yeah she definitely rocked her individual pictures... Not so much the class one! ;) haha!

  3. So cute!! You can definitely tell it's preschool in the south, haha!!

  4. So freaking cute! They all look fresh out of a Charleston promotional ad!

  5. Charleston much? I love that every kid is dressed the same southern way!