Thursday, February 12, 2015

Evite Contributor:

It is no secret that I have a true love and passion for decorating, party planning, and styling. Something that has always been a fun hobby for me, something that just makes me happy, has now been noticed by others! When I was approached to be a contributor for Evite's website I was in shock, yet so excited for the opportunity! To see that others love my ideas and decor is truly humbling! 

So I am excited to announce that I am now a Contributor for Evite's Gatherings website! Evite is an online brand and leading digital invitation and social event planning service. 

They have featured Charli's Second Birthday Party on their website and I couldn't be more excited to share it with all of you!  
You can see Charli's Crab Shack Party

Thank you again Evite and I look forward to contributing more! 


  1. How EXCITING - congrats, you deserve it, mama! XO

  2. That's awesome and well deserved! Congrats!! :)

  3. This is amazing!! You plan amazing parties and take fantastic photos, too :) Congratulations!