Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chatting with Charli:

Here she goes again... ;)

*Move people (to all the cars on the road as we are driving)
*Come on bubs, just get your teef out (clearly he is still teething...)
*My tummy is not feeling whale (aka "well"). I fink my tummy has a ache.
*Oh no, I fink bubs has a feva (as she places her cheek on his forehead like I do), he's not feeling whale (he didn't have a fever by the way ;))
*Mama, you can have it, its gluten flea (as she tries to hand me just about everything)
*My all done 
*Mommy look, I have boobies too... I can feed Chu too! (ummmm... haha! Not really sweetie)
*Feyafator (refrigerator)
*Hush Bogey (every time he barks...)
*I love the bowling alice (aka: bowling ally!)
*Can I have some avotados (avocado)
*Bubs, you have to blow your nose (as she holds a tissue to his face)
*It's O-Hey Momma, he lites it, he finks it's funny! (as she is smashing her face and chin into Crew's belly and chest and he is in fact dying laughing)
*Momma, you have to go to the hosa-petal again? (aka: hospital) (Yes baby girl... She knows too much about Doctors and Hospitals unfortunately...)
*Byyyyyye, see you nest time, Merry Tismas (as she says goodbye to my Doctors and nurses after an appointment... haha! And yes she STILL tells us Merry Christmas every morning that she wakes up!)
*Dada, you no have to go to work, you can just stay home wif me (oh how he wishes!)
*Mama, no be mad at me OR Mama, no be mean (yes, it is official... I am the mean one!)
*Just hold my hand (as she is sitting on the potty)
*Happy Bawentimes Day! (Valentine's)
*I'm talking on the flone (aka: phone... as she walks around the house talking on her toy phone! haha)
*You my best fwiend mommy (oh how I hope she says that forever!)
*Than You, Than You (as she take a bow, after every single time she sings or dances. hahaha)


  1. I can't wait to hear her talking!!! So excited to see you guys <3

  2. You need to catch that bow on video! Charlotte takes bows (or curtsies) all the time too!