Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Newport Home: Valentine's Edition:

Valentine's Day is just a few short days away, and while I haven't been very motivated (like at all) to do Valentine's crafts with Charli or to make Valentine's for her friends (because we probably won't even be seeing anybody and it didn't make much since), I did at least decorate for the occasion so we could get in to a cheery/festive mood! 

I don't do much for Valentine's Day but I like to at least put some festive decor up. I love celebrating every holiday even more so now that we have children. To see how excited Charli gets with each new holiday is truly priceless! 

So here is a look into what our home looks like this Valentine's season! 

Living Room:

 I wanted to keep a Winter feel to my decor this year since it is still Winter around our neck of the woods and it is snowing as I type this with more snow on the way! 
So using my Winter Pinecones worked out perfectly! 
I did get up the energy to make a few new Valentine's decor crafts and I am loving them all!
Galvanized XO- I used wooden letters, spray painted them black, then spray painted them with metallic spray paint, then sanded down by hand
Cupid's Arrows- I did a simple version Last Year but threw them away. This year I wanted to make ones I would keep. I used wooden skewers, stained them with wood finish, hot glued feathers, and hot glued construction paper triangles. To finish off the look I used rope twine to tie around the feathers for extra security.
Vintage Love Notes- I painted a little coffee onto envelopes, blow dried them with my hair dryer, and voila! I finished off the look by tying them together with rope twine!


And Valentine's treats are always a good idea! 

Happy Decorating & Happy Valentine's Week! 


  1. Seriously. I say this all the time. But I LOVE your house.