Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Update: A super rainy September Drill Weekend:

It is so hard to believe that this is the second to last Drill Weekend here in Charleston for Steven...
And that we will soon be making our next Navy move.
Crazy how time flies.

So after a very trying week with a certain little Two Year Old I was ready for a relaxing weekend. Although it would have been much more relaxing had Steven not been working! 
Friday started with Crew and I dropping big sis off at school then heading to the outlets to do a little shopping. We picked Charli up from school, grabbed a special lunch since she had a great day, and headed home. 

Charli has not been napping for the past 2 weeks and will do everything else other than nap in her room; jump or stand on the bed, sing, dance, play with her stuffed animals and babies, stand or lay on top of her nightstand (which is completely bare these days after knocking over her sea glass lamp that I made and breaking it...), playing in the window and blinds, or making forts on the floor... I am praying this too is only a phase. I will continue to be consistent and put her in her room for "nap time" whether she naps or not. 

After her no nap nap and after daddy got home, we all just wanted some down time...

 Even the dogs were spent...

While we were all relaxing, we put Charli to work... ;)

Homegirl's gotta earn her keep with those tantrums right?! ;)

We ended our Friday making some pizza's and called it an early night! 

Saturday morning Steven was up bright and early and off to work. The kids and I enjoyed breakfast, my oh so wonderful morning coffee (already enjoying my pumpkin spice), and a morning of doing a whole lot of nothing before football came on! If you know us well then you know football is a huge part of our family!! I love that at only 2 years of age, Charli loves football too! 

 She can spot a football game from a mile away and will yell "go go go, football is on Momma"! And she loves yelling "go gators" with her pom poms! That's my girl! 
I have no worries that Crew will be following suite soon enough...

(we have to support daddy's team too)

 The rest of our day consisted of lots of rain, lots of football watching, and lots of baby snuggles!
Perfect Saturday if you ask me!

Our Sunday was a lot of the same...
Daddy headed into work, it rained, we snuggled, we played, and we watched football all day. 

We were ALL IN from Charleston... Go Jags! 

After Steven got home we had a couple of our friends over for some adult beverages and so they could meet Crew! And we ended our Sunday with dinner and baths...

This little dude LOVES his bath nights!! 
And I mean seriously... 

I could just eat him up!

Steven had today off since it was Drill and let me just tell you how amazing of a guy he is...
On his one and only day off this week, after working all weekend, he let me sleep in this morning and got Charli ready for school and took her in. After waking up at 8AM with Crew we headed downstairs to enjoy a little quiet morning with some coffee and The Today Show! 
It was quite lovely!

It was another super rainy and stormy day, so when Steven got home he took Crew for some one on one daddy/son time 

This gave me a couple of hours of not holding a baby and I was able to craft! 
I made Charli another version of This Tutu since the one from last year is too small. Then we all climbed into the car to go pick up our sweet girl from school and ran a couple of errands after. 

If an amazing relaxing morning wasn't enough, after we got home, Steven sent me up to get a relaxing hour massage while he gave Charli lunch and put her down for a nap (don't worry, she didn't nap if you were wondering!) and watched Crew! This was my very first time leaving him and the poor guy cried the whole time Steven said. Crew is such a good and chill baby, but it seems like little mister is already a Momma's boy. 
He was fine as soon as I walked in the door! 
But let me tell ya, that massage was aaaaaamazing and much needed, thank you SO much honey! 

On top of that he had a glass of wine waiting for me and dinner in the crock pot! 
That is truly one amazing man right there and he is all mine!! 

After a super yummy dinner, a bath, and putting one exhausted little girl to bed, we are ending our Monday evening with a cocktail and Monday Night Football! 

Though it rained all weekend and we didn't get out of the house much, it was a perfectly lazy weekend and that is alright by me! I am enjoying these newborn days and just hanging out with my family! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well and had a Happy Monday! 


  1. When Charlotte gave up her paci, we made a really big deal about her being a "big girl." And since she was a big girl, she said that she didn't need naps anymore. Could Charli be going through the same thing? She's a big sister, she's going to school like a big girl... When Charlotte gave up naps, I still made her go upstairs. I told her that she didn't have to sleep, but she had to have quiet time. She could play with her stuffed animals, play with her dolls, or look at books. The only rule was that it had to be quiet. And about half the time she actually did fall asleep.

  2. What a great hubby! Crew is just adorable, I could eat him up! Brady went through a phase like that too after Layla was born and I remember thinking WTF?! You can't give your naps up now when I have a newborn! It was just a phase though and he started napping really well after not too long. Have a great week! :)

  3. I've been secretly hoping for an at-home rainy weekend for some time. I am hoping to get one here in DC sometime this fall. And can I just say, I LOVE Crew's name. :)

  4. OMG his little lips!!! Seriously, every time I see them I want to eat him!!! Haha, just adorable!!!