Monday, November 16, 2015

The Greater Jacksonville Fair:

On Veterans Day, we took advantage of the free Military entry to the Jacksonville Fair. 
I grew up going to this fair and remember it like yesterday. Going with my family and friends, being dropped off by my mom as a teenager, and even going with friends to the country concerts that were held there. So many great memories (and even bad... like puking in the trash can after every ride yet still going on them... teenagers) and something I knew I wanted to make memories with my own family now! 

Charli's love for rides is contagious and makes me want to participate but ultimately my motion sickness has gotten really horrible over the years and it is something I cannot (or should not) partake in. I am so thankfull that Steven absolutely loves rollercoasters and fairs which means Charli gets to do everything she wants! My mom and Uncle Yaya joined us which gave Charli another riding buddy. To say she was on cloud nine would be an understatement. 
She had the best day ever!

Crew joined in on some fun too and he 100% threw a ping pong ball into one of the little bowls to win his big sister a fish!! Everyone was in shock as he just stood there clapping like no big deal. Charli ended up winning 3 goldfish to take home... Lucky us...


We had a fun family outing and couldn't have asked for a better day at the Fairgrounds! 

And welcome to the family Bella, Bubbles, and Jote (yes, all named by our 3 year old)

(Although Jote sadly met his  porcelain tombstone over the weekend... We told Charli he had been really sick. She has continued to go into the bathroom looking into the toilet just to see if she can see him... Poor Jote.... And even more unfortunate we came home from school this afternoon to find Bella "napping"... Remind us to never be fish owners... ever.)

I hope everyone had had a wonderful weekend! 
Happy Monday.


  1. Aw, the fish story. I know that is going to totally happen to us at some point. Precious pictures!!

  2. I get motion sickness too... It sounds like you and the family had a wonderful time at the Greater Jacksonville fair. Hooray for rides and games (and even prize goldfish)!

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