Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chatting with Charli:


Charli these days; she's quite the comedian, performer, she's exceptionally dramatic, and she's hilarious. Not a single day goes by that she doesn't sing a completely made up song (that could literally be about anything... the dogs, her baby doll, water, being naked, cooking, helping Nana, seriously the examples are endless) while she dances around with her princess wand, making sure we are all paying attention. It is hilarious and adorable, but most of all her confidence while doing it is incredible. I hope she never loses that trait and that she knows she can do anything she sets her mind to! 

*(singing) This is the day that the Lord has made, the Lord has made, the Lord has made. I am so pwetty betause the Lord made me, the Lord made me, the Lord made me. The Lord made me so pwetty. (and modest too ;) haha!)
*We are at a leaf party; and your name is Lake and mine in Leedo... And we are Lake and Leedo at the leaf party (seriously, this girls imagination is hilarious and I love it!)
*(singing) Old MacCharli had a farm E-I-E-I-O 
*I am going to wite Pwincess Sophia a letta and it will say "Dear Sophia, God Bless Amewica. (with a kitty cat)"
*Oh sweet honey (I call Steven and the kids honey and she now calls us honey too... haha)
*(singing with Nana) Nana: Charlie Brown | Charli: That's me | Nana: Yeah she's a clown | Charli: Uh-Huh | Nana: Charlie Brown | Charli: Oh yeah | Nana: Yeah she's a clown (Seriously.... these two...)
*Awww, he's got a sad case of toe-sis (just one example of the MANY diagnosis she gives during her "check-ups")
*(very dramatically and high pitched/sad) Oh my goodness, bubs got shots? Ohhhhhhh noooooo. Sweet honey, I got you. You poor fang.
*Memba dat (remember that)
*(singing the blessing before meals) God our Fa-da, God our Fa-da, Once ah-den, Once ah-den, Thank you for our blessing, Thank you for our blessing, Ah-Ah-men, Ah-Ah-men
*When I was sisteen (I remind her that she in fact has actually never been sixteen before... Needless to say she gets mad. hahaha)
*(I had a really bad headache and my mom was rubbing my shoulders... Charli points to a bottle of wine...) Mommy, I fink that will help! (hahaha!)
*Daddy is my BEST snuggler and squisher. His squishes make me go to sleep (hahahahaha!)
*(very worried/dramatic) What time it is? Oh, it's 50:01... Well that means we are wunning late.
*(as she rolls her eyes at me) Well, I like to pick my nose betause I am a genius (my response: ummmmm pretty sure picking your nose and being a genius have nothing to do with each other, so just stop doing it already!)
*(after tooting and me asking if she needs to go potty...) No mommy, it is just my booty singing songs up and down (hahaha, I can't make this stuff up people!)
*What she's name? (an example of how she doesn't say "her")
*Your teasing me (she says this to us all the time. I think this is her way of saying "lying" haha)
*(singing) I put a spell on you (as she is waving her "wand" at me... Mommy and Nana may have watched too much Hocus Pocus in October and may or may not have been singing that song all day every day, haha)
*Mommy, you are so pwetty. Don't eva change. 

Baby girl, YOU my darling are so pretty. 
I don't want you to ever change either! 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart!!! I do believe she will just keep getting cuter and cuter!!

  2. She is such a sweetheart - wish her & Waverly could meet! We would be in trouble but they would be oh so cute!

  3. I love it! What a sweet girl!!

  4. Charli is such a sweet little girl. May she always have that extraordinary confidence!