Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Charli's Chapter: My Very First Haircut:

from charli's chair:

Four years in the making
Every lock, Every strand
Each and every curl
That's touched the palm of mommy's hand

She knew the day would come
That a trim would be in need
Daddy did convincing 
And we all then did agree

So off to the salon we went
All the family was in tow
Mommy, Daddy, Crew, & Nana
Even Thompson got to go

I was so excited 
And was such a big girl
Sitting still in the chair
As she trimmed every curl

We didn't cut much
But at least it was a start
My very first haircut
Pulled at everyone's heart! 

note from mommy:
I can't even begin to describe the emotions I felt going into this. I literally had knots in my stomach and thought I was going to get sick at the thought of cutting her hair... haha... {It's just hair Traci, get a grip!} We didn't even take that much off but it was finally time to trim it up. Charli's hair when wet went all the way down past her bottom. It looks so much healthier now and she loved every minute of getting pampered like a princess she said! I am so incredibly thankful for Sheri and that she was able to trim Charli's hair for us! If you remember from Crew's First Haircut, Sheri has been doing my moms hair and mine for my entire life and my brother and I were her very first children's haircuts of her career. So having her now cut both of my children's hair is just a true full circle moments! We love you Sheri! Thank you again! 

Here is a quick before & after:

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  1. I love it! Her hair is so beautiful. I've been toying with getting Grace's trimmed because it is kind of a mess at the bottom. But I just can't bring myself to do it.