Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Catching Moments: {32/52}:

*"Practice Makes Perfect..."
Charli exclaimed on our family golf outing.
Charli thoroughly enjoys watching Golf Tournaments and she has had an interest in Golf for sometime seeings how she has grown up seeing it played. Her daddy golfs, her mommy golfs {sometimes}, her Nana & Papa golf, and so many other of her family members golf. She had a blast getting to go out and actually swing some clubs for the very first time!  

What daddy & big sis do, Crew has to do. So Crew got to take some swings as well! He enjoyed running around the greens and trying to pick up or kick daddy's ball before daddy's shot! haha!  

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  1. This is my husbands dream! He just picked up golf as a serious hobby and he would probably die if one of our girls picked it up too!