Friday, August 5, 2016

Our Kiawah Vacay: A 31st Birthday Getaway:

Happy Friday and Hello Weekend! 

As a lot of you know I celebrated my Birthday this past weekend! Woooo... The big 3-1. {sarcasm}. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, or messaged me to wish me a Happy Birthday! I was feeling the love from all over the world and it truly warmed my heart! 
 I seriously still can't believe I am in my thirties. Though like I said last year, being Thirty {now thirty one} is something I would much rather be and would take over being in my twenties any day of the week. Life truly gets more amazing each and every year and I feel so incredibly blessed!

Steven couldn't take any time off work so we were limited as to what we could do if anything for my birthday this year {which really wasn't a big deal at all, I would have been just as happy staying home}. But he always, always makes everything so special for me and after talking with some of our very good friends from Charleston we decided to meet them at their house in Kiawah Island again. 

Kiawah was one of our favorite spots while we lived in Charleston and it was Crew's very first Vacation two years ago. So it was a no brainer that we would head up there for a quick weekend getaway! Our friends have two little girls around the same ages so it is always a good time letting the kids run around and play while we can indulge in cheese and wine. Priorities.

We woke up Saturday and I was serenaded by my family as they all climbed into bed with me and sang happy birthday! Steven surprised me with some amazing gifts first thing in the morning that Charli ripped open before I could even open my eyes {mom life}, but seeing how excited she was for me made it all worth it! The guys made breakfast and after getting everything ready we headed out on the beach cruisers for what was going to be an amazing birthday beach day!! 

Or so we thought...
We got to the beach, set up, kids lathered, and headed to the water with the boogie boards. The guys were pulling the kids through the waves and Sarah and I were standing there. Not five minutes go by, Steven and Crew just feet in front of me, Steven gets stung by a stingray. At the moment of feeling the immense amount of pain his immediate reaction was to yank Crew by his floaty straight out of the water as he was yelling. Nobody knew what to do. We had strangers come help as we waited for Beach Patrol to arrive...

It was seriously the scariest most craziest thing that could have happened but we were all so thankful it did not happen to Crew or any of the children for that matter. Steven had three Beach Patrol trucks tending to him as the pain worsened and all he was saying to me was "I'm so sorry I ruined your birthday". I on the other hand do not do well with blood and was already not feeling well so I was just trying not to puke and pass out. We took the kids to the tide pools {as we were clearly not entering the ocean again... and as Steven says he will NEVER go in the ocean again} while Steven was being monitored. 

After a very crazy stressful morning at the beach and naps for the kids and Steven we relaxed by the pool at the house for the afternoon. 

This is where a miracle happened... Charli put her head under the water and liked it AND swam while doing it!! 

This is a huge step for us as she will sit screaming and crying for an hour because she wants to wear her floaty because "I know if I don't wear my floaty my face will go under the water and I will drown" {seriously she is so logical}. She was swimming by the end of last Summer so well and has a huge fear now so this was a huge step for us! We are so incredibly proud of her!! 

That evening Sarah and I  headed out for girl time and birthday cocktails at The Sanctuary and the Concert on the Lawn! 

We ended 31 with the most amazing filet dinner cooked by my injured husband who was still in so much pain and could barely walk and a yummy cake that Crew was scared of! 

 Thank you again for all the Birthday love and for another amazing annual Kiawah Vacay Uri and Sarah! Can't wait until next year! ;)


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! How crazy. Happy belated birthday! Glad it was another good one!

  2. Happy 31!!! I turn 31 at the end of August and it's exciting but crazy at the same time- sounds like you had a fabulous weekend minus the scary sting ray (which I'm never telling my husband bc he hates the ocean already and would never get in again!!). Cheers to 31 and your adorable family!