Saturday, August 13, 2016

Crew Benjamin: 2 Year Update:

Happy Second Birthday Son!

I still can't believe it
In the blink of an eye
How much you are growing
And how fast it's gone by

You're the sweetest of sweets
And the terrors of two
But we wouldn't trade a day
Because you're our Crew

So, Today is your day
We celebrate you
Oh baby boy
We can't believe you are two!

We cannot believe how fast the years have gone by and that we are celebrating our Crew Benjamin being two years old. Not a day goes by that I don't lie awake remembering the day you were Born and how the next five days were the scariest days of our lives. As we have approached your birthday I have found myself re-playing so many things from that very day in my head, the most vivid one being when the NICU Doctor looked us straight into the eyes and told us you would not have made it another day had you not gone into the NICU. As I type this with tears in my eyes, I could not imagine a single day without you in our lives baby boy. You have whole heartedly completed our family and we will be forever grateful for the outstanding care we received at MUSC and how healthy of a little boy you are and have been since that day! 

You have a spirit like no other little man. You are as strong willed as they come, you are fearless, reckless, silly, happy, loving, a snuggler, you love fiercely {maybe a little too fiercely... aka, you tend to bite when you are happy & excited}, and you have a temper that has truly started to show itself recently {hello terrible twos...}. You are all boy and you give this momma so much anxiety because of it. You have learned so much recently and your vocabulary has truly blossomed. I love watching your imagination at work and when you play with your cars and trains. You love lining them up in a row and moving them along in a single line. We couldn't be more proud of everything you have accomplished and everything we know you are going to accomplish in this world! 

We love you so much Crew Benjamin!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

 Crew's Stats:
*Weight: 35lbs
*Height: 36inches {official check-up is in a couple weeks}
*Diaper Size: Size 6
*Clothes: Anywhere between 24month to 3T
*Teeth: 16 teeth & currently cutting molars
*Sleep: Bedtime is at 7PM and he wakes anywhere between 7:30 to 8:30am; Afternoon Nap is around 1PM and he wakes around 4:30PM
*Food: Anything & Everything! He is our veggie eater though. Some of his favorites include: Peas, Corn, Broccoli, Avocado, Beans, Hummus, Apples, Grapes, Fruit Snacks, Pickles
*Words: I have definitely lost count with words {which is a good sign!}! He says something new every single day! He puts multiple words together and says some sentences.
*Social: Crew plays so well in the nursery at church and absolutely loves it, he loves playing with big sis and I love watching them play together and use their imagination. Although it usually only last a few minutes and ends in yelling, screaming, hitting, and wrestling... aye aye aye... Crew is super loud and always the life of the party when we are out. He is truly a little dude!
*Other: Crew is our little snuggler and is not a morning person {like his momma}, his favorite things are the water, dirt, climbing, trying to hurt himself, being destructive, wrestling, yelling NO, running, and doing anything and everything daddy is doing... His absolute favorite thing is "working" with tools with daddy and trying to climb as high up on the ladder with daddy {ummm no}. He is a true handful. Though our hands might be full with this little one, you should see how full our hearts are. We couldn't love him and his sister more if we tried!

It's his Birthday, he will cry if he wants to...

And for fun... A look back...




 Happy Birthday Bubba!
Daddy, Mommy, & Char Char love you

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  1. Oh my gosh he weighs more than my almost 4 year old haha
    He's getting so big and is cute as ever