Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance:

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long holiday weekend. We were very thankful to have an amazing weekend with some awesome visitors {more on that later} and to be able to have daddy home all weekend long! Which kicked off Friday evening with Charli & Steven's very first Daddy-Daughter Dance! 

Charli & I went shopping for "the most beautiful perfect dress there ever was" and girlfriend knew exactly what she wanted, all the gold she said {she gets it from her momma! ;)}. As we looked around, she spotted the prettiest little ivory and gold dress and she grabbed it and said "mommy, this is exactly what I have always wanted" {haha}. I found it in her size, and we headed off to the fitting rooms because of course she needed to try it on "just to make sure" she exclaimed. She twirled in the fitting room saying with delight "oh mommy, I love it, I am so beautiful and I think daddy will think so too!". We then picked out the perfect new bow because, necessities! She of course found the most gold, most sparkliest headband she could, and said it was the one! Is this seriously a glimpse into her teenage years... It was so much fun though and watching her made it all worth it!

Friday evening had arrived and Charli had been looking forward to her "for real date with daddy... no mommy's or bubba's allowed" and I can't even begin to tell you how adorable it was. My heart could just burst into a million pieces looking at those two together. Charli was so excited when daddy finally arrived home from work and it was just the two of them the rest of the night!

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