Thursday, February 16, 2017

Catching Moments: {6/52}:

*Big Boy Naps...
Now that Crew is in his big boy bed he won't nap every day and boy do I get to deal with the consequences {because our little sleeper clearly still needs those extra zzz's}. His. Attitude. {point blank... but gahhhh he is cute!}. Thankfully he still does nap more than not so there's that. This was me creeping in on him napping in mommy & daddy's bed the day his bed was being delivered so he had no other place to go. Oh he's delicious!  

*Our Ballerina...
As much as this girl still asks when Soccer starts back up {every. single. day}, her favorite day of the week is dance. Which happens to be today! Girlfriend spends her days singing & dancing with her sweet dance moves {see above ;)} and my momma heart loves every minute of it. We found out last night what her recital is this year and got a peek of her costume so we surprised her with it and she is beside herself happy!! 

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